This better be walking around Sodermalm July 11. The man of course, the suit, well it’s going to end up ripped.

Yep, I better see him walking around looking all confused like this in July so I can walk up to him and ask him if I can help him adjust his pants and other things. I would ask him for a cuddle first tho. I think I deserve one. It’s about god damn time for the snuggling man among other sexy things too. Hell if Alexander doesn’t turn up I just have to find better things to do with my time.

Since going Stockholm is becoming a yearly thing (hanging with Blue and others) tis time I might actually leave with a swedish BF. Almost had me a long distance Swedish BF. (the female friends thought and he/we were hot together) There was a click, he was sweet and an excellent kisser but I had to disconnect that connection.  I wasn’t ready, too soon, too fast, he was too smitten I was in the land of in between. I was on a lot of dude menu last year maybe it was my perfume, I gave off a scent.  But who knows what will happens this summer. I m ready to find out. Excited!

Anyways back to my new desktop wallpaper. It a mess but it’s hot, no he is hot, and there is bulge and well…D.E.S.I.R.E

At first it was backside joy and now there is front joy. Can Ya tell I am way too happeee with this suit. Now excuse me as I pass out to what is going on in my mind with this suit.

Yep, his fine ass best be walk/roaming the streets of sodermalm from July 11 so I can find/run and pay homage to. (fill in the blanks people) He can bring what ever tis is with him along the way. looks interesting haha.


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