He looked great in that suit but I didn’t expected any less.

He came with a pretty chill look tis year, maybe he was still in his Sodermalm vibe which is uber chill down there. He looks tired tho and maybe he should take a long nap and recovered. I see bags under your eyesI don’t really care but it stating that you may be tired and need rest) look heavy and his eyes look a bit tired too. Aww he could come to me so I can let him sleep. (I would okay, I don’t want to kill him, please, not kill and what kind of fun can you have with a tired man. I’d make him dinner and lunch and super than after he could rested. Then I’d  make him exhausted again. Viscous cycle is viscous)

 but Your eyes are so fucking mesmerizing. I just can’t and they sparkle here so much. Gawd. Your fucking face  fucks with my concentration.

 I love him

I want to have his chirruns

 want to grow old with him

 and drink juice on our patio and watch our last sunrise together

 to good times, good lives, in this life and the next.

So handsome

 so fucking handsome and fine and yes security dude he is real and it wouldn’t happen for you like tis maybe in your next life.

haha tis motherfucker lollove him and Anna is too cute.

 haha Kenny is smitten, get a room man. Too cute.

 Love them, they are 3 very good looking people. Lets just say I am not a fan of Anna’s dress but she glows none the less and I love her hair and makeup. Love her side belly too. Hope she has a great pregnancy and enjoy motherhood.

Just want to sit on it LAWD he would be my new sofa. I am sure he is very comfy to sit on and cuddle and snuggle and love and etc etc etc…. I am sure.


Love the suit LOVE HIM hope he is getting some weekend rest.

Go and fucking sleep and take a long ass nap until Sunday.


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