He is right it is a good song, you know he has it on his iPod and body waving across the room to it.

Haha it is the year of the Swedes Ikea is no longer alone they are in good company. Hell I was already  on H&M and Ikea shit so it’s only fair that I love the Swede and will listen to eurovison song and please it’s also only fitting that tis song goes with him because Wesus Euphoria he is to me

Seriously tho when he smolders I die, when he wants to be hot, he burns, he is so fucking fine.


As for True Blood I am in the land of in between. I wait and see what they did with this season before I say shit but to be honest I am not too jazz about it.

I actually like tis song too,

Good answer boo boo, just keep not reading it THO, it’s for your own good and keep using that in your reply until you get a better project to work on.



I love the smile at the end good answer boo, keep up the good work. Fuck these reporter/stans leave him alone with tis stupid book let him find better projects. TACK BUT NO TACK U .Why are they hounding him with tis shit. Gawd. LET IT CEASE.


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