Your motherfucking face, it fucks with my concentration, part deux

Oh maah gawd seriously tho it does, like some people sniff glue and get high. I just check out pics and get well let’s just say my loins. Look at tis Bullshit. Just all kinds of  fawesome translation fucking awesome. His face.

 his eyes and lips okay in that order too. God just fucks with my concentration

His hair is messy and I want to mess with it even more.

 I don’t know in what universe alternate or real that I’d be on the other side of that glass stroking it (the glass and not him) him while he is standing there. OMG please I would be on the other side with my hands on his chest and ass okay. Why do you think we have two hands. Multitask the pleasure.  Sweet looking motherfucker.

What in the name of Pimp jacket is tis pimp jacket. That some man drag if I ever saw one. Work that pimp jacket boo boo, work it like ya know. It looks like he is on his way to go collect 95% of his ladies of the corner salary.

 Dude those flamingo shoes. They’re pretty fancy. Tis bitch better not end up in Spain while bulls in the neighborhood, they would loose their shit and he would loose his pants. He has got that Mariachi pose down too where is your guitar boo boo. He can go either ways either he can go to Spain and be a full time flamboyant bull fighter or he can buy a guitar and be a flamboyant Mariachi guitar singer and be an extra in the next Desperado movie along side Antonio Banderas

Hell I say why choose,  be both. Be a Swedish Spanish bull fighter/ Swedish Mexican Mariachi guitar player. I don’t  call him Señor Skarsgard for nuttin. Just because I said Mexican.

I believe in your magic boo boo Mi amor

 haha how much do I love tis? Alot

His awkward face and legs let me stroke it. I know I say it a lot but I want  to stroke him. Those shorts tho. I just can’t.  and I save the best for ass. Yes, I did say ass,  look at it. Nice and don’t look at m e like that Skarsgard you did it to your self when you put on those pants you knew what was coming. Sensual seduction. yeah, okay not like right now because  I am not there but  in coming weeks. Yeah sensual  seduction.

As I said some artsy shit that my ass didn’t care to get but it gave the ass in blue suit and when there is ass it will be appreciated.


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