So he did a cross the ocean pit stop and he didn’t even stop by my place to hey hiya. Bad boo boo kitty, bad. He should come over so I can slap him on that tush.

He should have stop by and say hi.  Damn just refuse to let me have sex with him. Doesn’t  he know that he is my  sexual soulmate. All the stars align with the heavens we should get together for the good of my kind.

So okay I done whining maybe next trip huh Alexander Skarsgård ( he better next time)  next time you will pop over so I can make you some lemonade  and … but those dudes in the background I just can’t. They don’t look drunk and tis is the level of where it is at. Okay the dude with the teeth forgot say cheese it camera flit. The other one is just posing for life maybe because his head is being rub like a buddha statue. Don’t ask, don’t tell and the 3rd dude is just too glad to be in the van. Swedes gotta love them.

Then tis motherfucker with the finger, I can tell ya right now that finger would be put to good use and I am  happy to know that he likes to stick it in places. Tack for the heads up Alexander. Tack. Note to self find many ways to make use of his middle finger. What! he put it out there I am just finding good ways to make us of it.

 Oh lawd isn’t tis illegal in some country? For the love of gawdd you can’t be sticking your tongue out in public (okay van) like tis, you just can’t, unless of course if it’s coming my way/…/…/…. fill in the many blanks. Okay so Alexander is basically calling me out to find ways of using his tongue (le sigh) and his middle (D.E.D yes that’s correct D.E.D) Oh lawd just asking for an assault of the sexy kind.

 Those pants, lo.v.e. them (on him) Sexy bitch just hot for no reason.

 I bet one of all of these are Skarsgård, you can tell. I am guessing cowboy ciggie is a Skars. The one with the follow me into the woods you can trust me eyes is probably one too or some relation. there are many of them you know Skarsgård Sweden should give them property just because.

Tis motherfucker and the faces tho dude. I bet that’s is wanna pick a fight with me face too. Well you know what maybe I kinda sorta do. If that means we get to wrestle in soft silky sheets while……(continue filling in the blanks)  yeah let do tis, let’s go.

 ugh that shirt tho. le sigh just so snug. looks like he got sunkissed

in Sweden. Nice, it was fucking hot enough to brand a black cow.

 besides the point that he’s back in LA without paying me homage of sexy times(really dude you could swing by I know it kinda out of your way but you could have, what’s wrong with you? are you still scare of me? I don’t bite, well unless you ask me to) at my place I mean he could have swing by. (you could have swung by I would have eventually let you go back to LA, yes I felt the need to say it again) Next time next time. (he better next time) We are gonna need a week to work tis out properly tho, yeah got to do it right. And beside the point  That I am not only clocking his chest and nether region all at he same time. ( I have amazing super hero talents)  I see 3 bags, I hope to wesus he got him some new piece of Apparel cause lawd, It’s still Spring and he needs to refresh his wardrobe.

Or god forbid tis is him moving all my shit from Stockholm. Cause you know that shit is possible, you know that could be all of his shit in his entire life, you know that could be his swedish vacation pieces in there and he decided he needs to have it all in LA.

Nah man I going with new clothes and I am so excited, so excited. Is my vain bitch showing. Well if anybody needs new pieces is Alexander Skarsgård. K  I love tis motherfucker but come on new car automatically means new pieces with a new sweety on the passenger side stroking his…..(keep filling in the blanks people) while he drives.

 the hips and  grin = Sexy motherfucker


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