Comfy as a motherfuck “tis lamb” and no fucks was given that day. NONE.

So tis Lamb, deserves an entire post. It’s now my spirit animal. No wait maybe it’s imaginary to me being wrapped into and around him. Yeah that’s it,  there will also be no fucks of care given,  but fucks overall will be given out and served. Yeah I went there and planning to go back.

But to why is tis called Sin I don’t get it (but I already said so, artsy shit that my lame ass is too backwards to get) But still what is, it’s not like he dress in a sinful way or some shit or he is the Shepard of the flocks suggestion which makes no sense to the line of reference to his belief or lack there of. It  doesn’t link to cover title but hey there is a lamb and he looks angelically  confused so let give praise for small lamb mercies.

“Back on set with BULLETT, Skarsgård radiates a similar magnetic energy as he takes off his shoes and sits down on the floor to eat with the team. He nuzzles his face into his photo partner, a baby lamb wearing a blue tie-dye shirt to keep warm during setups. “You’re the cutest!” Skarsgård says, cradling it in his strong arms. Looking her square in the eye, he whispers, “But I just had lamb stew last night.

Haha didn’t I say it. He had lamb okay I said chop forgot that he’s fucking Scandinavian and they are Stew people. Norwegians make good stew tho.  of course he did that, look her in the eyes and whisper  that, sadistic motherfucker. I am pretty sure when he whispers into anyone ears,  he casts spells He can be the devil and I am sure he can do a good job of it.  But be good and stay good. There are already so many devils loose in the world.

Of course it was a she lamb of course but I have seen male with similar loins frustrations. But that imaginary of him nuzzling that lamb is just dead. That’s some care bearing sweet shit. Just look how comfy tis lamb is. God everybody is living my dream now a fucking lamb scored.  I ain’t even mad tho. It is what it is at least he’s spreading the love one soft wool at a time.

But oh may god they are both so precious and adorable.

” Needless to say, it’s a hard role to pull off. “Alex was so ‘it’ from the beginning because he has this gravitas, this deep well of soulfulness and feeling. You would follow him into the woods.”

Since I don’t have anything of this movie and I am pretty sure it’s somewhere along the lines of tis pic which is one of my all time fave of his. He looks so sincere and good and breakable, so sweet.

 but at the same time he can take you and your firm down.

But, OMG he is so it. At the puss premiere all I heard was follow me and I said (in my head cause i leave there like all the time) I’ll  follow you to the fiery pitches of hell. Fuck he could lead me off a cliff and I wouldn’t even know until I see the lights and somebody says welcome and I be like where the ass go. Yeah got to focus on the important things. FYI I don’t follow people it not in my DNA so tis is saying a lot. But my point I had one, he has this charm (magical powers, hoo dooo maybe he like a fairy and shit in real life)  It’s dominant but gentle not forceful, he lures you with ease see how he whispers to the lamb he could tell her, she  is on dinner menu later  and she still wouldn’t give a fuck. She be like baa baa translation Whatevs translation just cuddle me a little more.  Yep he has that summin, summin that is very alluring and sweet and raw. I believe tis is him coming into his own. It’s radiant. He seems much more confident in himself and confidence not ego is a very nice sweet smelling perfume. There are leaders and then there are followers. He is a leader that use to follow.  He is the dragon you see. Isn’t that his chinese sign. It’s very dominant in  him.

I fell in love with Onata [Aprile], the little girl who played Maisie. In Hollywood, a lot of child actors are so professional that they don’t have the natural raw energy we needed. You meet 6-year- olds who have headshots and can tap dance. They are drilled to memorize the names of every casting director in Hollywood. Onata is just a regular kid with amazing energy.

 tis movie is going to break a lot of hearts and hopefully heal it too. I will die and weep and die again. Alexander with kids is OMG.

Aww you could def see that, they had a great click, connection. (you can always tell a great connection it is effortless and real and both parties ooze love for each our) I am sure she fell in love with you too,  just like that lamb and just like everyone that comes in your path, he has love, compassion and sympathy  and people are attracted to it. That is his appeal.

If you excuse me and I am going to weep into summin, that he doesn’t love me (yes I am being sorta dramatic) and run, smile (light up) like that when he sees me coming. (okay it was in a movie but still) But seriously where is my love and compassion Alexander Skarsgård??  Maybe in a next life I will come back as a lamb and get some Skarsgård love.

On his values and growing up in a bohemian and artistic family:

“I grew up in a very secular society. I have atheist parents. My morality never came from religion or from scripture, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have the same values or ethics.” Instead of Sundays in church, family time consisted of playing in Dad’s dressing room while Stellan performed in local theaters. “He would rehearse one play during the day and then perform the other at night, so I didn’t see him much,” he says. “He was on stage working with Ingrid Bergman, and I’d be in the makeup room, playing with all the prosthetic noses and wigs.

Well hey good on him, we can’t choose our family and with that comes attach beliefs and religion is a touchy subject for many, look at  all the wars for it.  But I am glad to read that he has values and ethics that’s what it boils down to in the end. What are  your morals?  Not what is your religion? What do you believe in, because there is something higher than yourself, some call him , God, Allah, etc… and if you took a word from all man’s conversation pretaining  to religion  we would make a paragraph of TRUTH. It would be a good subject for us to conversate on tho. I try not to judge ( but when people like to bully their beliefs down my throat, We can dispute and I take no prisoners haha) and leave that to powers higher than myself forcing my belief onto another does no one any good just cause resentment and if you are a true believer of any faith forcing is not the way to go. We could trade sunday school stories for what did you do with your sundays Alexander.  But I had an atheist BF  I didn’t knock him out of the race just because of his belief or lack there of.

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