Yes I am still very much into him. Translation I love him and still want to have his chirruns.

Do you still like/into him? That was the question that was proposed to me last night tis morning and that was the answer I gave and it’s true I can’t hate tis motherfucker I CAN NOT. It feels really mean and unnecessary and if there is one thing I hate it being unnecessary. So I have decided to just LOVE tis motherfucker because you know I am good and  kind like that and Wesus would want me to.

If he continues to be a ho tho I am just going to just disappear and think happy sexy thoughts about someone else. I can however still judge him tho which I am doing anyways but I love him and that over shadows everything. Hate man it goes against my religion. I loathe a lot of things especially people and their actions and a lot of things make me go rogue but I don’t Hate anyone and I wouldn’t start with Xander.

So of course I search and hello Ass. How ya doing, fine apparently. Hello good morning and howdy dooo boo.

Apparently tis is from a shoot about lambs and bright colors suits I will care for like a minute but could I just appreciate dat ass walking away in motion.

As I said I would never complain about him walking away. It would be like I would love to see you arrive but gosh I want to see you leave. Can you get me  that boo boo would be on constant repeat.

Ass in motion slow motion it’s too fucking warm to be warm on top of it. It’s so fucking HAWT right now it’s like hell came here for a long vacation. Gawd I am going pass out soon. I have drank so much fluids the last few days you would think I would pee up a storm nah. i just so thirsty tho because  it so hawt I have been walking in the shadows not to get heat stroke. Good times. Hello Summer Suuuun. Wesus Crisis it HAWT!!

Anyroo his ass I love it.

 seriously tho, he gonna have to let me tease slap it and squeeze it just for a little while maybe a lot for a long ass time

Cause tis is when weezzy becomes useful

replace her for his and then after butt DAMN!! It does it for me okee, like it does.  WANT.

Yes for 5 minutes it needs to be said for 5 minutes.

My eyes can’t peel off his tush, fine ass motherfucker literally. ~DAMN somebody get me a whistle and a Askars cardboard cut out so I can be a hound.

But what’s up with the Lamb tho. Confizzled I am but I bet it has some artsy shit to do with  something. Sin umm, interesting. I love the blue suit he can pull it off, baby blue  is his color, the red is over powering his ass tho maybe they should have broke it up with some plain colors but they’re creative and my lame ass can’t even process the stupid. But back to lamb chops.

I ain’t even gonna lie Alexander looks much more confizzled and distress than the lamb, the lamb is comfy as a motherfucker and he doesn’t want to leave smart lamb, smart lamb. He likes a snuggle just like the rest of us maybe Alex was having a lamb chop flash back. He just eaten a lamb and now he has a lamb that can be distressing indeed. (it’s so hawt)

 his face tho. I just can’t

The whole thing looks like a sequence of where is my lamb. I call it  Alexander in search of his lamb.

 My lamb anyone seen my lamb? (No he is not just checking himself out he is not shallow like that i on the other hand am checking him out.)

 Anybody seen my lamb? I am so worried about my lamb.

 lamb. jesus where are you. L.A.M.B

 I got to find my lamb. (fine ass just want to add that again)

 oh lamb how I missed thee. AS: I Swear i didn’t have lamb chops for lunch. Lamb: he is so comfy . baa baa

haha funny shoot. He so got I am an actor god dammit face on. i didn’t sign up for tis shit.

he is fucking adorable and I am love him. I know I am fickle cow but he does shit that fucks with my devotion. I don’t like people fucking with my devotion. Stop fucking with my devotion and let me love you.

I leave a smile.


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