Heart’s a mess, Alexander Skarsgård I am trying to hate him. Yes I used the H word

What?!  It’s true I have been spending the week loathing/hating him. It’s the only way to go. To be done with it all. I am so NOT trying to spend my summer on this mess. Fucks no! The Interwebs is a fucking evil place, I just wanted to say that again, because it fucking is.

I should really not go on Tumblr, jesus I should cancel it all what am I waiting for? Something wouldn’t let me do it tho. Kinda like something wouldn’t let me hate him. Ugh, I don’t hate people it’s a strong word it ensues a lot of negativity that I just don’t want to be a part of my world. But in saying that I am trying to it’s the only way to end it, or bottle it until someone real comes along.

So the inter webs is evil place, it started tis morning with a Chris Hemsworth vid my friend send me she is totally into him now, we saw him has Thor and well he is Thor the more I see him as Thor the more he is Thor to me, minus the rough look, which I like I mean Thor is a God and in the comics he was pretty and smooth looking cause you know Gods don’t look rough, but I like that movie Thor looks rough . So my friend and I have seen Chris in a couple of things since then and this is how is goes at every movie.

OMG Chris is so HAWT!! Tis is repeated over and over again  for the duration of the movie and of course as a true friend I have to respond by yes he sure is. (which he is come on, he is built like a house.) When she feels that my lust is not into it she goes. I know you into to Alexander but Chris is so HAWT!! I concur to both and said yes Chris is indeed hawt and yes I am into Alexander Skarsgård (this was at Cabin in woods movie tho) my into Skarsgård is well…I am trying to hate him. So we saw Avengers and loved it. Lokie is Lokie in my eyes too, good Thor cast, point.  It was good and Chris was good, he is fucking Thor okay point.  But I digress so he is married now and a papa which makes him to me very appealing because he is so in love with his wife and he’s got tis new dad glow you know. Which is so sweet and he seems like a lovely sweet man. I will confess at first glance he looks like a master douche with the slick apparel and douche gear but hey that’s his style and looks can sometimes be deceiving. But he gushes over his wife (I don’t know that much about her, don’t really want to know,  other than she is spanish and an actress and they met and got married and have a kid within a 1 1/2 it all went fast but I guess Chris is smitten what am I saying he is, he got that glaze look especially when he speaks of her )I like that you know a man into his lady. I mean Chris is Hawt as my friend repeatedly tells me and I have eyes, he is. He is now a franchise and I am sure even before that he could be or was a the playa that some people are seeming aiming to be but instead he went the steady route marriage and baby.

So tis vid he asked about kissing KS and he asked who does he like kissing: his wife he says, yeah you know his wife will give extra that weekend just for that little drop line but seriously how sweet is that. So fuckings sweet. He just score major points in my book. But he drops her in effortlessly and sincerely in vid and print,  it’s like sweetness overload then there is the face. Oh maah Gawd! here is his face. Cute no?! It is, shut up, it is.

He is now my Favorite action star

I just got to thinking that all the Thor cast have babies now, Natalee, Chris and Stellan’s baby is on the way.  Jesus what was in their bottle water or in the dessert air.  I bet when they go back for Thor 2 They will be gushing over the babies. Sweet. I read a Stellan interview the other day  and gawd I  love Stellan just wanted to add that again.  something about calling him Asshole in stead of Skargård LMFAO OMG love him.

haha found it here is e quote.

MY FIRST question for Stellan Skarsgard is a simple bit of housekeeping – how do you pronounce the surname – but the way the 61-year-old Swede answers speaks volumes about what kind of movie star he is. ”In Sweden it’s Skars-gord, but usually people say Skars-guard,” he says. ”Anything is fine. You can call me arsehole if you like.”

here is the interview, I like reading his interviews I would love to sit down and chat with him too and teach him to a couple of recipes. I am sure he could teach me some swedish ones too. Live and learn I say. I adore him tho.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/movies/seeking-out-grit-is-the-skarsgard-way-20120504-1y42z.html#ixzz1vVtCzsuz

Now back to tis motherfucker ugh I hate my feelings, I want to hate him or just forget him point. He is just dropping so many points of cool and awesome and sweet in my book. Makes me want to barf in a bucket at certain things.  I blame myself I put too much stock in his soup. I guess he just being who he truly is. whatever that is I have no idea anymore how he rolls.

So I saw this then I went to tumblr and i saw tis and lawd, my emotions, a heartless bitch I am not I can be but I am not. It’s an Eric, Sookie vid and it done very well and the song is perfect and it fits for Alexander too, yeah so anyways. I watched and my feel feeling about it and i really should delete my tumblr and delete my blog. I still don’t know why I am even making tis post anyroo just go with it so here it is.

Yeah and tis gif is doing in for me okay, eyes and fangs people, eyes and fangs. Alexander is not bad looking either haha. It’s his Give yourself to me glare. Ugh lawd. I need not stare at tis. Too late I am.

I love me some Eric Northman Okay that is just point. (the start of all tis crazy luster) Love him. I love me some Alexander Skarsgård too, but I am really trying to HATE him but it’s not going well or fast enough let’s just say. As for Eric Northman his heart’s not a mess, he loves Snookie. His actions are clear, he wants Snookie he tells/shows her (hello season 4 Eric ) that but she is a fool so he fucks around in the meantime. Some people knit, vampires fuck a lot especially Eric in his Dungeon of sultry 6 hours sexy time sexing. But seriously tho Tis song is Alexander theme song because yeah his heart’s a mess. I am sticking with that tho.

Anyways you’re welcome die a little, I did a lot

There is also this gold mine of a lie too. He is saving himself (yeah, sure, I can see that dude, maybe he was bored, I read/call people but hey I am boring like that)  for Aliens y’all. I guess Aliens go to Chateau Marmont now. Who doesn’t like to socialize. Maybe he was trying to prove a point for whatever reason known to males. Maybe I am just lame and I need to rent a life like ASAP.

Oh Dear Alexander I don’t care what you heard of 50 shades of WTF step away from it, far far away and I am not talking about Princess Fonda home town. Do yourself the dishonor and read the book but if self loathing is not your thing read the excerpt. You get the reason why, without wanting to smack your face in. I read a few excerpt (that was enough thank you very much) and got the low down from friends but please go on Punish yourself. Eric has a dungeon of sultry sexy time sexing. Who the fucks use sex chambers anymore sounds so World war 2. OMG I just can’t OMG please don’t, step the fuck away. Next time just smile and nod bitch smile and nod and wave like the Queen. Let Ian have it. He thirsty for that shit. Go forth and fail Ian and women that like tis shit purely and surely doesn’t have a clue to what the body wants. Just watch more porn it visually much more stimulating than tis.

but alls in all  and stop being such a ho bag, slow ya roll don’t roll like that it’s fucking gross and  stop dropping Shade shit in your speech I don’t wanna drop huge ass shades at you that might damage your purdy skin.

and what happens when I am tumblr I find shit, adorable sweet shit that has his face attach to it. Yeah Thanks Stephen for living my dream, he is riding Alexander Skarsgård. God that sounds like an underground porn flick. Hell A week ago I wanted to ride his back and his front and have his babies and get hitch but then he had to be slutty and kill the desire. But tis is solid gold Stephen is basically doing what I said I would get up on it and laugh at people. Good job Stephen now get your fat ass off of him. LOL

 at Stephen tho, everybody seems to be getting some of that except me. So might as well Stephen might as well email me and tell me how it went. Hell send me a TB after party invite and we can talk about it extensively.  So yeah I just need to get over it and move on already.

If he can carry Stephen he can def carry me, Ugh I hate myself apparently I did say I am trying to hate him I am not there yet to be honest it not going very well. There is something in me that wouldn’t let me hate him, why???

Fuck you very much feelings and emotions fuck you very much.


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