Wesus took Donna Summer too. For Fuck sakes. SADNESS!!

So I’m  just up in here to pay tribute to Donna Summer. I love me some Donna Summer, but she is no longer of this realm, she is where ever disco still reigns supreme, but she is so much more than disco.  How much sadness I feel right now? So Much! I feel like I talk about death a lot in the least couple of months, it’s fucking depressing as hell so many great strong black women are gone. We need more strong black women in the world too many flakes, flaking around I am tired of their Bullshit jive.  If you didn’t know I love me some old school tunes. I get down to the greats and even in 2012 their shit is still fucking epic. I can’t can be getting down to some of this shit that’s out there maybe for like a minute, but  in my senior citizen days that wouldn’t be happening and lawd knows I still be getting down in my senior citizen days as long as my legs can move and my hips got pins in them I be getting down.

Gosh, I know death is a part of living but it still fucking sucks when it does happen. Man does this sucks donkey balls she was fighting cancer, why are there so many fighting so many illness. Remember when old people died from old age. She was 63  (just a couple years over my own mama, kinda makes it real)  but still it seems that more and more disease are taking so many away, cancer has been something that has affected  my circle of friends and family, some has made it and are still haunted by will it come back, some didn’t make it and have left behind very young children. It’s a horrible sickness. It’s leaves a mark on all it never really goes away it lingers, and haunts the rest.

Aww being a woman it’s the toughest thing to be (trust) to be so much to so many and be pulled into so many direction, be  soft, gentle enough like  a flower and to give care but be hard enough to stand up to illness in this life and other hardships that is sure to cross your path and man think we just bitch and moan just because, well  sometimes yes but most times, there is a lot more going on that what you see.

Just because I am going off about being a woman here is one of my  Donna favorites.

God the lyrics tho.

Dancing close feeling restless, it’s a slow sultry night
It will be a life time til sunrise, if you don’t stay with me tonight
Feel your breath caress my shoulder as your heart frees my mind
You don’t have to tell me anything I can see everything in your eyes

It’s so easy with you, I don’t need an excuse to be the woman in me
It’s so hard to believe that I’m feelin so free to be the woman in me

Anyways here are some more  tunes I love from Donna, I guess I should be grateful that she left something being that would be here long after, small mercies are great wonders.

Donna Summer Dead: Queen Of Disco Dies At 63

Posted: 05/17/2012 11:44 am Updated: 05/17/2012 1:01 pm

Donna Summer Dead

Donna Summer died Thursday morning after a battle with lung cancer.

Lovingly named the “Queen of Disco,” the 63-year-old was in Florida at the time of her death, according to TMZ. Born LaDonna Adrian Gaines, the 5-time Grammy award winner rose to fame in the ’70s with hits like “Hot Stuff,” “Bad Girls” and “Love to Love You Baby.”

Following the news of Summer’s passing, the singer’s family released a statementsaying that they “are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continued legacy.”

TMZ also reports that Summer was working on a forthcoming album at the time of her death.

“RIP #DonnaSummer – dined with her a few months ago, and she sang Amazing Grace to guests with stunning power. Great lady, wonderful talent,” Piers Morgan tweeted about the late singer.

Summer is survived by her husband, Brooklyn Dreams co-founder Bruce Sudano, their two children — Brooklyn and Amanda — and her daughter, Mimi, from a previous marriage.

You know this would not be completed without hot stuff right. If you are hot and you got stuff this is your jam.

I know my stuff is hot, place index finger on side of buttock to emphasis the sizzle.

Of course Love to love you baby, because I am just a woman that just loves to love, love her baby. Or boo boo. So of course this is for my lover theme song

When you’re laying so close to me
there’s no place I’d rather you be
than with me… here…

I love to love you baby…
I love to love you baby…
I love to love you baby…

Do it to me again and again
you put me in such an awful spin
in a spin…and…aahh..

I love to love you baby…
I love to love you baby…
I love to love you baby.

Because I give love, more than often get it back , so tis just amplifies  love.

This is my song tho of all of Donna’s  I use to get DOWN with,  this was like always. I don’t know why But I did the context of the song didn’t relate to my life back then maybe it was the high school love  drama I was not apart of but it’s my jam, god I loved it so. Maybe because I am a female and emotions are just our thing and we feel a lot of it god dammit or we read/ watch too much romance shit. Alls I know tho is  I own my feelings and I let them show I don’t hide them or cover them up, they do me no good that way. I express them when it’s necessary and to whom ever is at the receiving end.

It’s my jam okay I am getting down with it right now. Like the moves they come back not like they were gone any ways.

The jams of all Jams of course is ….     I WILL SURVIVE, ain’t it the truth.



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