Justine Lameo is at it again. Why Wesus, is he one of the 7 signs of the Apocalypse? He has got to be. There is no other fucking explanation.

Cause  see and tis is one of the Major reason I don’t listen to Lamido no more (radio) cause of tis shit. This little punk bitch I hate to throw haterade on tis little girl but man I just have to. When did he exit the hood, which life has he been thugging somebody tell me? People need to stop giving their fucking kids (fucking teenyboppers)salary for Allowance. keeps fucking with the world and the balance of things.

Justine Bieber  is at it with Swaggie seriously!  Little you may got a lot of things but Swag you don’t have (you can’t buy that shit dude, like awesome it’s not for sale and you can’t purchase it) be gone with your sad self.  WHY IS THERE SO MUCH CRAP FUCKING MUSIC IN THE WORLD! SO MUCH CRAP ON THE RADIO. SO MUCH CRAP. He should Stick to the nursery rhythms like a nice little girl and auto tune about.

See I try to give her her space but then she comes up with shit like this.

Swaggie  in the name of all things pure, SWAGGIE tis little punk wants me to find him and slap in some testosterone in him, (he is like 18 and he looks 12, like he is waiting to mature. What is he a Canadian Benjamin button damn) I mean come Swaggie, why did you have to fuck with a  good word and Taint it with your girl on girl crap. That is NOT what Swag is and if he continues I will find him and sort it out.

FYI if Justine Lameo was my boyfriend I would be in a gay relationship. I like dudes so there’s that.  And do something with your hair and your voice while you’re at =. Damn

The video is ridiculous, over saturation of bullshit to the extreme and I ain’t even gonna post it and I hate myself for watching the whole shit. What was that?  So fucking Lame.  Ugh god I hate myself now. I can’t never be bored enough to do it again tho. NEVER.

Now if you excuse me I going to get a blow torch and burn it from my memory. No seriously how is this shit music. I mean come,  HOW. HOW??!

One of the 7 signs of end of times got to fucking be, lord know I know the other six.


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