Alexander is down with the swirl… okay in Cuppen but I am pretty sure in real life too.

Oh yeah I am pretty sure he got the fever the jungle fever or the love of chocoLaat. yeah nothing wrong with that and if said rumors is true yeah down with the swirl how do I know:  I saw these on Tumblr and I just have to post Exhibits A, B, C, D E, F, G no I am not saying the alphabet  aloud. I come bearing gifs. Oh that sentence was a bit naughty,  oh well.

 look at him getting down, I love it. Gives me ideas,  fuels the imagination. But there is way too much room in-between them,  just saying if it were me there would be no gap and lots of sweating. oh yeah.

 look at him so fucking cute and he does have skillzz but I shall improve them make it much more sexier. Oh yeah.  He’s got the sway down man. So cute and I can look at these and eww gross doesn’t follow,  tis in it’s self is a very good thing.

 haha tis one is still fucking funny man,  just make sure you give him enough room or else. Love it! Fine side ass

 hee hee funny, he is adorable, love him, I do… so fucking much man. Oh gwadd here we go again. I can’t  help it. he is rooted in me I tell ya rooted.  All it takes is cute, so you think you can dance shit like this and I am kinda sorta back in the game. But he so cute and again way too much room in between, they both need to tighten up the space.

 all I see is tongue and it’s glorious, he could lick my face anytime. Actually when my sister was little she use to love licking my face I don’t know why (I still don’t know) and she would sniff me too and laugh but she is weird and she kinda sorta grew out of it. LOL now some of the little ones do that to me too maybe it’s my lotion I don’t know. People dogs like to lick me too and that tickles and it’s cold and wet and it kinda creeps me out. God I think I am activating some sort of  trauma or something. Well at least he would be the  person I would actually give permission to lick me. Okay tis is just, let’s go back to his tongue,  it’s glorious.

 hahaha tis was awesome he should bring back those shorts. His legs, I love them , hell he should bring back those glasses, fuck it, bring back the whole set. I would die laughing and it would be an awesome death and I so would hit until his calculator batteries wore out.

aww he’s blowing a kisses, right back at ya boo boo, back at ya. Just way too much space in-between I guess they were waiting for someone to jump in. Insert self in dance moves.  Lol.

So Obviously I have stated that it takes one pic or gif to back on, ugh, feelings sucks sometimes. I still mean what I said tho but anyone that knows me know I don’t carry bad, negative shit goes against my religion man. Plus life’s too short and all that wonderful things and his life and it’s not my own. My problem with Alexander is maybe I need to find me a Boyfriend/lover/squeeze and put all tis sexy times concentration on, and all will be well.(I could sort it out tomorrow no problem. I kinda sorta don’t want to right now tho but the year is still young.) yeah I should look into, take or some of the possible candidates friends been FB me with. Yeah I should look into that go see a movie or something or go dancing.

But it’s a new week filled with new possibilities and you can’t start it sour. I never start it off sour goes against my religion and since I cocoon yesterday and got my 200 hours of sleep. Well it sure felt that way. I was home alone there was no one around for me to care for and that’s when I shut down which I did for a whole day almost woke up at 5 had breakfast at 5:30 lunch at 6 then dinner at 9:00 and feast in-between and I am still starving. It was needed that long sleep I could see the difference in my skin it fucking glowed man after a long ass shower it fucking glisten. Yeah I needed that. Then I went to bed getting my full 8 hours had to set alarm clock didn’t want to over do it again I had shit to do today I have my list of things to do.
Priority 1, 2, 3

In between eating and sleeping and most of the night I cleaned and washed the house feels light, I feel light it’s all good.  I need James Brown

No worries I shake and move to other tunes too while cleaning and cooking too Absolute 80 anyone (rises hands) yeah Tina, Prince, etc  the best of U2

good times. Prince when Doves cry is still one of my top fave.

of course  Black sweat, oh yeah

Which reminds me of Remeo and Juliet the movie with Leo and Clare still one of my fave modern take movies. Which also reminds me of tis song and these scene Kissing you. I sang it like all the time back then and I love Desree she was great which brought me to her album flashbacks all round. Music can do that to you, bring you back to a time be it good or bad.

which flashback to True Rommance with Christan and Patrica

Really good movie loved those two.

Which brings me to these. Tis motherfucker bought him a new sweater. I love it it. God he’s refreshing his shit on me. (insert surprise face here) Do I get excited   now or wait for the next new piece. (OMG, OMG I am totally up for new pieces, not new women piece but clothes pieces yes I am a vain cow.) He looks great body wise (DAMN!!! OK) sure and yes we see what we want to see

what we want to see but tis one tho.

aww boo boo kitty  your face

 aww boo boo let me love you.(even tho you might have your plate full to notice my offer, it’s still there)

but he did smile and that was great it’s always great because he has a great smile it’s like the warmth of the sun when it’s done right.

 Dear god Berg pull yourself together man, such a mess

All in all long post short I still very much into him, could be cause I luvs him, (queue weeping sounds from off the internet) so much love. Ugh my emotions. (they keep betraying me, dammit)

hands down favorite gif of the day.

 do I need to explain why, come on look at him .Getting it right at the first go. LOL wish he would get down and dirty and low with me. He wouldn’t want to get back up.

So you know I had to watch Cuppen just for refreshing the mind with all of tis awesome but thanks god his swedish films are on  you tube cause Lawd I just don’t have time to watch it all to get to tis today I got shit that needs to be done today, but no fear you tube is here with just tis.

As I said Alexander is down with the swirl. Mix it up I say it, every body likes cocktail and they are filled with mixtures. You should only see color if someone is asking to shades/ the color of the rainbows.

this quote is flying around too.

So I’m trying to stay away from biting [laughs]…in public.

well I guess that happens  after this or in between some passionate primal etc etc . biting and sexy time sign me up.

Hell I can tell ya right now that I am a biter, I don’t draw blood tho but I bite,  yep I do that, but I am kinda sorta a kinky perv so there is that.

make that bottle pop just because last week there was tis mega huge thing and there was a whole lot of street dancin and me an mah friends dance a lot. You know it’s good when you sweat and dry and sweat and dry again mah legs. Good times, good times. Oh tis song played and every one lost their shit there was a whole lot of booty shaken and grindin on people you knew and don’t. LOL good times.


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