3, 4, 5 (EWW) women you go on with your Swedish P.I.M.P self what a playa! Manwhore! Gross.

So tis motherfucker is not only dating 1 but 3 women look at you. I am staring at you for like a fraction of a second. But still I have to voice/judge you I don’t give a shit that it’s not my life. EWW man whore alert. MAN WHORE ALERT!! I hate man whores. I love it tho that he has these women by association to think there might be more, I think he has got more tho. Why stop at 3 while 300 are sending you invites. I hate to feel that I am attracted to a man whore, I like to think that I can sniff them out and stay clear of them.(maybe he should be a man whore it will KILL the desire dead fast. DEAD FAST Because every time I see him it will be just EWWW GROSS I wouldn’t hit it with a disinfected pole. I can’t ok, it would makes me ill to the what went on there not enough disinfection soap in the world to cleanse my mind from who tap on that yesterday not enough I don’t need it that badly) but the Rihanna bit  tho dude you just dropped 300 points of low Just because of her state of being is not well and makes his state of association not great either (can’t say I didn’t see it coming I said so in Jan she is on a dick search and apparently she wants some swedish treats, hey you know I am into the swedish treat that is Alexander, fuck I created tis blog about it so hey can’t hate on the approach, I can how ever hate on his approach). THE CHICK IS MESS THO,  FUCK UP IN THE MIND. SHE ‘S A CHILD AT BEST IN A WOMAN’S BODY, WHO HAS NO FUCKING IDEA.  (maybe she was the only english speaking person in the room and he couldn’t bother to take out how to speak Japanese handbook to ask for more beer so he just used her face as a translation piece to get it over with, it could totally happen, totally.) Like there will be no tell/see all book of Rihanna (fuck I have see way too much of her bits especially when I don’t want to see her bits, so he gains no points for discovering her treasures, no points) they would just post  a link to her twitter/videos GROSS!!  LOOK I know she wants some of that, she has been since day one on set. BUT come the fuck on man did you have to Make out with her at a geisha house fucking sophisticated that’s pretty much the moral of Rihanna life no. Geisha house.(I don’t think he fucked her if it would have been all over twitter by now because children like to show the world their what’s new. Look what I got bitches. Generation fucked up, twat everything about their lives, keep some shit to your self like to yo self) BUT still drunk or not you did it and you regret it afterwards it all over your face. (I really should stop looking at you face)

The chick is a mess can someone send her a trail mix to a shrink or something I swear someone needs to be her real friend and help her the fuck out. You just went down 300  points at rapid speed dude, rapid fucking speed. I expect better from you but apparently I give you too much of an high standard get chain saw and cut that standard down to… (gets calculator to recalculate status)

 check out the lean back, surprise she didn’t go for the crotch too.

How do I know he kissed her and stopped somewhere between hre/his hotel room and the elevator. (I would bet on his next beer tap that I am so right about tis) Well she tweeted something of the sort and the next day she was late for the premiere and her face ( she is not a good actress lol to pull off I ain’t hurting why didn’t we go all the way face dude) and the  air between them was weird like went you make a mistake and you wish you had a time machine but then you realize you don’t have a time machine and that only happens in movies and you are fucked and you can’t take  it back even tho you really wish you could and it wouldn’t see the light of day hahaha secrets never hide they always come out no matter how hard you try to bury them. (I am sure it’s was pretty hot I mean the girl basically lives her life as sex kitten, I am sure all her dreams are rated god damn, she walking free porn) Again EWww dude she is mentally not all there, she is so fucking mentally scared and sex is the only way she has now to express herself even to demonstrate breathing,  just many points dropped, so many point of low.

But wait because girls like Rihanna are not all there they bounce back and try again. See we seek love from other when we don’t love ourselves.  See picture. She totally loves him tho look at her face fuck smitten It’s  more than a crush she would die for him. I am not kidding she has it down, she wants to have his babies and move to Sweden and vakay in the islands and I am sure she told him that plus, plus maybe that was the stop. I wouldn’t hit it because I can’t quit it. she doesn’t hold back she doesn’t know how to.

EWWW dude so fuck up, he shouldn’t be allow to drink/drunk (but hey he has got his own baggage too) in private it never ends well for him always comes back and bites him in the ass. In saying that sort your shit out man it’s bothering me.  Fuck tis shit.

Now back to the rest of this PIMPIN shit 3 women so I guess that Actress with the statue from some years back is not cutting it either huh, I thought they were soul mates and were going to get a free range/ bio farm together and milk cows on the weekend and feed it to the baby.  Ahh well why  settle down when there are so many choices out there for you. His buffet is being over flowed with choices (dudes and vaginas, it  takes a very strong man to say no but why must he tho he loves being Single, good times) and he doesn’t want to choose, he’s being a man’s man and they like the V Js yeah be a man and have lots of sex with strange women, drinks beer and gets drunk. So gross but good times all round.

I am sure some of his fan gurls are cheering him along. (Lol at them thinking that he is not playing the game in all areas) Yaayy he single and he is loving it. brownie points for the swede (but let’s be fair, I like to be fair  they are literally throwing themselves and their vaginas at him so eventually he’s going be like fuck it. Let’s do tis sometimes quickly I am tired I have work later on or stuff along the lines like that)   I stated that I suck at tis fan girl thing didn’t I. I guess all tis just makes the decision all that much easier. I don’t like man whores, don’t like playas either.  Make a fucking choice and stick to it man but then again I should mind my own damn business and get the hell out of his. Maybe I should and I am on my way to doing it too minding my own biz. (note to self mind yo damn biznessness, he is free agent)

FYI in the animal kingdom they fuck around alot but that is solely for reproduction but why be logical about illogical things so side eye judging man/ woman whores who fucks everything that is offered to them it’s gross and it’s gross and it fucking gross. EWWWW and that’s why I don’t get drunk to wake up with a mistakes under the bed sheets and no panties. Fucking EWW

BTW I don’t even know who the other one is but she is classy no? yeah classy that’s what I am going for next week it be a chef no wait a bus driver, a pastry maker, a pilot a navy officer,  no way Hammarby footballs sock person no masseuse. God I have no idea I just going down professions I sure that will be the coming titles too. Ugh dude,  just gets better every day  tis pin the chicks to the “Single” Swede and dude stop playing the lamb to the wolves it obvious you know what the fuck you are doing. Especially if (insert rumor mill quotes here) you got 3 women on your puppet string.

It’s time like these when  Fade OUT to black is necessary to end scenes since I like to express myself with  u tube videos here is one. It doesn’t fade out to black and ends scene but it does have an awesome title and I will take it as means to how i am feeling.

Black Hole Dual Torus Animation with fade out stars

score one for Youtube.

Quite the busy fella! Life & Style can reveal that True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgård is seeing three women!

Alexander's-Scarsgard-dating-a-daredevilA.jpgCaption:True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgård is seeing three women!

Alexander Skarsgård is quite the ladies’ man! While promoting his new movie,Battleship, in Tokyo in April, the True Blood star got frisky with his co-star Rihanna, 24.

“They went to a geisha bathhouse,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “They were drinking, and before you knew it they were in a corner getting hot and heavy.”

But they’re not exclusive: Alex, 35, has also been linked to Charlize Theron, 36, and he’s romancing Italian skydiver Roberta Mancino, 31.

“He and Roberta have been seeing each other for a few months,” a friend confirms to Life & Style. “He’s been courting her and taking her out to dinner a lot. It’s not a serious relationship, but they look forward to hanging out together even more. They really like each other.”

Before getting close with these ladies, Alexander dated actress Kate Bosworth, 29, for two years until they ended their relationship last summer.

PPS Why did fuck did he even put it out there man. 50 shades of WTF!! Are you kidding me, (another 200 points down, god tis wouldn’t end well, will it, prayer circle, prayer circle!!!) I  wouldn’t even get into the shit of it.  One thing she reads Twilight, TWILIGHT> she loves Twilight nuff said. But he’s being a superstar and they are link to stupid shit/women all the time there is no bad press in HW. It’s Press free, paid for none the less just as long as your name keeps getting circulated right?! Right!

But most important about what’s flying around today tis  tog is wearing cool sunnies  so nothing else really matters plus he is judging you while looking cool. so there

But hey why get so worked up about any of tis, it  is NOT  like my presence will be missed or anything. There will be no Sadness on his swedish LA house. One sexy time goes away or fade dramatically behind the swedish curtain while trying to tap dance distraction her way out insert 300 crying weeping fans sign up for mURe yes I said MURE.  They want MURE god dammit MURE. judgmental dog needed again

I just said his name out loud  and it feels TAINTED to me like it’s grossing me out.  Eww, EWWW I can’t.

Maybe he will bring all 3 (but by next week it will be like 15 he is swedish they multiple really fast, hey I am just keeping the illusion of who and what he is doing alive man, rumors, rumors he never says or does anything anyways, so high fives all round) to the Mula premiere in LA hey one of them is already there maybe they will make out and confirm it. Gross!!  Gross!! EWWW.
Everyone have a great summer, I have seen all I need to see thank you.  EWW man whores I DON’T FOLLOW THEM. Good luck to everyone on all their paths they choose to take. This blog will soon be no more.

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