Earth Hour 2012 be romantic and light up some candles romance with the dark.

I am just doing  a drive by post to voice Earth hour 2012 actually it should be a day, you know what make it a week. A way of life even. But hey let’s just roll with it go back to looking out your windows or just be outside staring up at the stars and the moon, whatever is offer that night with a glass of cocktail or wine in your hands. Call someone up or better yet go over to someone house and spend the hour or  a couple of hours and share stories. My mom was good at sharing and telling stories so I love the dance of flickering candle light that cuts some of  the darkness it’s even better when you are looking at the candle light flickering on your partners body. (hold on too single for tis image but it is indeed a great image to have desire.)

Me I will be spending it with my gal pals chatting and laughing and having a good time kinda of a send off to my sashaying away to LA but whatever you will be doing have a good time in the dark alone, with friends, BF, your family what ever. Just remember before all of tis advantage in life. We use to stare up a lot at the stars and wish and dream and enjoy the night. Enjoy the night once again. I love forward to enjoying some LA nights very soon as well.

Runyon Canyon sunset glazing is on my things to do in LA

Earth hours March 31 2012

earth hour 2012

Just because I said romantic For Señor Skarsgård

And oh here we go

PPS  Dear sweety boo boo kitty aka Alexander Skarsgård

     My door will open just like tis, with sensual strokes of…..

So you can swag your fine ass over.  God his SWAG!  UGGGGGGGGhhhhhhh sweet desire. And take a dive in/on tis

the water is fine  and I can not only guarantee a smile but you will be def pleased. (bites down on bottom lip at lusty AS imagery. )So come play with (cough) in me it’s wonderful down there.

You can be my sea god. I will be your Ran alright, hmm, hmm loving how he is gently stroking the top of the water. Nipples in water, Yeah love it.

FYI there are no Krokodillers down there but you are more than welcome to have a look see.


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