Where’s mah boo boo? Alexander Skarsgårds where ya at boo boo. Miss ur face. So much.

Ugh where is he? I need visual stimulation of the Alexander Skarsgård kind. I am greedy now but that’s has already been established months ago. I am way too invested in his life stock and I need to see his face swaggging around town being sexy and what not with stuff.

 where ya at boo boo? Miss you

Or ya busy with some sort of Hammarby what is not stuff without me.


or you on the phone dialing up someone that’s not me.

 Sadness. You should be calling me up tho.. checks phone. Nuttin. Ugh he hates me.

 or is he getting all soap up without meeeeeeeee. Fucking SAD FUCKING NESS  I should be there to apply and wax on, wax off the soap among other things. Dying a little inside. I need tis shower scene in my real life like yesterday. UGH!!

Just because I love his nipples and his chest I gonna post these. Not that I needed a reason mind you. I never need a reason. I just need him.

 Wesus lawds some one take the wheel and drive me to his chest/nipple area among other things.

  The sexing/sexy times must happen in APRIL jedi force don’t fail me now.

 nuff said.


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