My ass be sashaying away to LA okay.

So be wrapping up some last minutes, minutes things and sashaying awaying to LA to find my Swede and offer sinful seductive pleasure of the lusty kind. Wat! didn’t you see that coming. Well you must be new. Any roo ha. So just to get thing into perspective may boo is all over these places which means I need to be all over these places. Alrighty then

So he buys his groceries at Whole Foods in Westho. in a silver porsche. Check. Sweet Wesus double check.

 fine ass motherfucker

Next works out (hold on a minute I have a pic of him working out and my brain overheated. le sigh) At Gym in Westho.

 desire!! I be seeing you you fine ass motherfucker.

and I be helping you out with matter of the swede cocking er scratching soon too  just be so fine.

and since everyone has to eat and I don’t know ya phone number/home address I guess I just have to live er eat here everyday until you turn up.

He eats at Lemonade. I love Lemonade the drink but tis place looks great too and I see cupcakes. Oh lawwds. It will be great I will buy a cup cake to eat off my cupcake. The thoughts of where I would put the icing oh lawwds. Lick, lick.

 Don’t look at me like that Fares, Fares you would so do it too. Sup boo I be seeing you around noonish maybe 12:30 yeah that’s when I lunch.

 walk faster boo boo I’ll be waiting for you outside  with my cupcake and lemonade looking out to wave or shout your name. I like to shout his name. Oh yes I dos.. sexy motherfucker.

So Yeah that pretty much my free time. Gym look out check. Whole foods groceries look out. Check! Lemonade double check be there everyday waiting and looking out while sinful licking my icing on my cupcake.  it looks fresh and I am fresh fruit type of gal and I love colours so tis could be a treat.

So any ways I be looking out for tis fine swede, he better keep an eye out for me/be there so I can keep an eye/approach him, so I can make an in..decent proposal too, oh yeah.

Dear  be seeing you real, real soon.

Now I will

  TO LA   

I be working it too, I be going on with my bad self.


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