Mula is making more sense now. I was still going to watch it any old ways. Go Mula I mean Battle$hip.

Yeah! It’s going make money and everyone that is gonna go see it will see it and then see it again. I stand by that it will be visual amaze balls. Yeah Mula all the way. I should print some tee shirts.

Goldilocks Planets interesting…..

Then there is tis, pretty funny nice mix up. Mula’s trying for more Mula they will indeed gets it too. Mula all the way baby.

I am pretty sure tis is some of the reactions my friends make at the movies and some will ask repeatly did you see that? Well did you? I be like yep. And there will most def be Dude! moments too hahaha. Love it!

Battle ship Mash up Love it!

Love the title too Battleship Titanic LOL pure gold.

haha love it all you know it’s going to be good when it spoof already. Mula all the way.


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