What in mash potato promo hell is tis mess. Oh hey there boo boo

yeah what in mash potato promo hell is tis mess that I just click on. Are they trying to get me to hate tis series. I mean really tis the best they could do? Really! Someone is going to get a true fucking death soon. UGH! I  really only watch for Alexander/ Eric fucking Northman nothing else matters now anyways.

But still what the hell. I swear I have a gypsy tongue and I say tis series is on it’s last leg. It looks like a goodbye clip other than an hello we coming back. Ugh! Just bring Northman on the screen already dammit.

His voice is lovely tho can’t hate on that.

Just reminds me that Fangtasia is a sketchy bar/strip club what?! Please it so is. I just need to be in the dungeon with Alexander Skarsgård that is all. Well technically the beginning but who is count in eggs.

and oh he is sitting in a chair again god damitt without me sitting on his lap. (yeah sitting on his lap is what I really want to say. sometimes you just have to keep thing rated G or pg 12 yeah that)

 I love how Anna is looking at him, pretty much how I be if he was in a chair and me sitting next to him. FYI that would be the face I would make just before I go sit on it. Wat?! Like all the time I wouldn’t need a chair again, eveerrrr. Just be sitting on it and getting him and may self excited yep. Pretty much.

So tis is floating around Tumblr and it has nothing but everything to do with the whole equation so I just going to put tis right here. and……


and in no way, shape or form did my fish got excited by tis point. No way did I get excited

Now where the fuck is MAH boo? I haven’t seen him do something in ages okay it was last week but for me that was ages. He needs to feed the beast plus I miss his face okay. Look at it. I love it and  I do I miss it so much. Where ya at boo? Where?! He is going to have to let me have my way with him in LA and after LA and like forever and shit.

Stephen is also an adorable motherfucker I love him in Real life not so much as Beehl tho. Sorry Queen


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