Eric Northman is looking very smexy. ..

Oh somebody going have to tell me where, where they are filming. I know a lot of you read may blog mail me the directions man. So I can see some of tis in the nite time.

Seriously tho, I need to know where they film. Is that his trailer. Keep pervvy trailer thoughts to ones self.

Dude, Sup with your shirt, looks like a whole bunch of crazy blood on his shirt. Btw  why are they so padded with hats and scarfs.  Is it so fucking cold? I refuse to be cold in LA. Refuse! I  am bringing the heat waves k. I need some heat waves and warmth.

 Your face Alexander I love it. Plus you  know How I feel about your body. Desire /want it. Sweet lips motherfucker.

like a cat in double cream tis one, and look he got Alexander to smirk a bit. hahaha I love it. Cute kid. The swedish one is hot as fuck too.

PS Some one mail me and tell me where they are filming in April. Be useful.


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