Wonder Con Skars..= more Mula

So here’s boo boo doing his thing for Mula aka Battle$hip. He looks good casual, he looks good period.

 Brooklyn is pretty , love her leather pants. Berg’s face tho, dude your face. Killz me.

 I love it when he laughs, so adorable

 what’s with the face? I will take it as you miss me face. Gosh you know what … I miss you and your face too. Let’s meet and greet/reconnect real soon.

 his eyes are so mesmerizing and his lips are so pink, they are calling out to me. Kiss me they say, kisssssss.. me goddammit.  Say: I willlllllllllllllllllllllllllll soon god dammit.

 I love him okay. That is all for now.

 beautiful hands, long fingers, sweet mouth.But your deep in thought there Boo boo, what’s on your mind?

 beautiful man, lovely face.

 Him sitting in a chair, him sitting in a chair.Sweet laws him sitting in a chair.  I need to be involved in /on that. Lovely smile is lovely.

 your eyes tho, your hands and that mic. Just be fine for no god damn reason

  Body wise he looks like he is getting broad, (desire) he is working out, good. (I want)  He looks great. I be seeing you,  you fine motherfucker. I  be seeing you real soon.  Keep a look out for me I am a coming. (pun intended)


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