Watermelon, Ice cream and Cocktails plus other non important BS.

So I come back to more Bullshit, great another week in Askars fandom. BTW losers thanks for the hits, I see that evolution is a myth to your kind. The high school drama kind. Anyways while y’all religiously follow my shit. I just keep trucking on to better things. As I stated just last week Alexander Skarsgård fandom. Meryl Please take it. 

and of course

Anyways while y’all singing on my screen name, I was too busy living.  Do you know what that is that myth where your parents informed you about. So the sun was out and shining and I was able to wear my sandals for the first time in months so yay for my toes and feet so their can air and get some sun. To commemorates I colored them in a sparkly smurf blue nail polish. Then the next day kicks for on my feet, tank top and a jacket, good times good sun and watermelon like I said. When it’s warm and sunny I break out the melon and feast. So for me Hello Spring it’s good to see you and feel you too. Having people over for dinner and laughing and drinking. Hello hobby Bartender my raspberry/orginal mojitos are legend ask Blue. Everybody wants me to make them and I love making them. They are great, I l-o-v-e them. To shake it up a bit.    Rum and coke, music, food  couple of movies good start to the week.

But on  Saturday I came outside to my car being covered in Bird shit I kid not, they fucking cover my entire car even the fucking car door. Really tho, the door. I wonder what the fuck I did to piss them off I swear I have’t watch Hitchcock Birds in ages. My car was the only one that had shit upon it. Good stuff, so you know I am kinda sorta germaphobe. It’s the first time my car as been shit upon. There are old wives tales about shit and stuff but  let’s see how the week develops. haha! i had to wash my car it was grossing me out man, so much so I went to do some groceries shopping, stop at the stop lights I looked next to me this dude pulls up in a sports car it was an audi I turn my attention to front and BAM!!!  there was shit in my face, okay the outside glass but still.  All I could do was laugh I laughed out so suddenly that the dude in his sports car smiled at me thinking I don’t know but he seemed happy about. I guess he didnt see the layers of shit. So  Sunday a long with socializing I wash my shitty car and now it is clean and shiny and waiting for another load. Hahaha! Good times, good times.

Now back back to important matters. Alexander Skarsgård. Sup Boo boo kitty!


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