Keep the delusion alive. Wait a minute, here is some gasoline to keep that sucker a blaze.

Oh lawds.  Stupid is a dominate gene it DOES NOT DIE… it spreads like a virus and infects. So another day another drama another I JUST FUCKING CAN NOT. So you a papa now?! Good lawds. well nothing say I am ready for a family like a porsche and Single man jingling around town. Good for her she went for a babee. Good stuff, there are way too many kids in tis world that needs a home. I will always celebrate that fact, be it by gay family or whatever. A home is a home and there are far too many little souls that need one. In saying that I hope SHE is the one doing the caring not her dozen nannies not saying they wouldn’t love it as their own too. (A couple Mexican ladies will get the job so that’s great too.) But don’t fucking call yourself a mom (toddlers and tiaras anyone? I fucking HATE that show and the breeders  with such a vivid passion) if you are not doing the daily work of it then present the public a few photo ops that she cares. (mean?! Naw man I am against any HW hype or trend) But  I am sure that will NOT happen. Because celebs live like normal folks. Don’t believe the hype. They don’t. Nothing wrong with that she can afford to why not. No Aryan babies tho. I am sure a lot of Stans are crying in their cereal and orange juice, bed sheets. computer Boo! No superior race?! Boo!

But back to the Skars at hand while I def believe wife and kids are in his future I don’t see it happening like tis and def not with someone that He is ain’t dating (he is Single and I know it, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah) much less has been spotted anywhere together since the E true luvs story. cause nothing says I love you baby than staring into each other eyes while drinking beer at a gay bar hoping NOT to be seen.  But don’t let my logic get in the way. Please! Silly logic.  This my also be the reason why he went out and got him a Porsche. Because yet again nothing says I  luvss you baby and I am ready for a babee other than silver porsche. A car that can barely seat a grocery bag but there is always the roof. What?! In India people ride on the top of train all the time. It’s totally safe. Totally! Dude!  I wouldn’t even worry about it.  (come on, silly me.  I am sure he got him a Volvo as a bonus car) I am finding a lot of things amusing. Life is funny especially when you see the big joke.

But I wish Alexander would open his pretty swedish mouth sometimes to some of the things out there.(some people still think he is Glee, I mean Ghey) i mean  Stop sitting back and be jaded about it all and hope it all blows over. It doesn’t. Shit lingers especially if you don’t dust off the residue .  His fandom. THO!

See Askars is not amused and he is in GYM Apparel.  tis is some sad shit.

But See now is the time I am gonna needs me some PIC PROOF or STATEMENT or him buying babes clothes or stuffing a giant blue elephant in his Porsche. ( I am totally invested in his life stock, cause I can’t deal with their weekly BS news life is too short and it gets shorter with celeb stans)  UGH! Yeah I am gonna need me some fucking proof. Cause something stinks here and it ain’t my feet. Speaking of feet it suppose to be the beginning of warmth. The sun is out. It looks like I am gonna start the day out in pants and hopefully end up in some short shorts and a watermelon in the chair getting some sun while sipping some raspberry mojitos while on the phone asking how everybody is enjoying the day.

Just because Rebecaa Black is my Idol (don’t believe the hype) she makes me wish i was 2 again (so I can relate to her genius)

and just because everything should end in a dance move. and I am thinking about wearing hammer pants today and relive tis.

Sound the bell school is on suckers. Can’t touch tis. Yeah! I  see  a round off coming. Things will be clearer in a few weeks. So much more clearer. I know in my case it’s a stick or quit tis. I am gonna needs the Swede to clarify whats the fucks is goings down in Hollyweird or in his Porsche.

This post is brought to you by face palm cause LAWDS!! TAKE IT MERYL

Oh it’s Thursday I got no song but what oh what will happen or be said to add, subtract or multiply to tis. Wonder Con is up tis weekend. What oh what could happen there?!  I am curious as a motherfucker. i am gonna need a huge flashlight on tis.

Oh one more thing, something wrong with the CD!!

All together now, just to keep the delusion alive.

 it’s not a delusion it’s real

 it’s not a delusion. It’s real. It’s real I tell ya. REEEEEEEEAAAAAALLLLLL!!!

Keep practicing that mantra folks. I leave you all to it. I be going outside to get some sun and let the wind blow through my hair and caress my face and I’ll be back when shit is clarified or SANE. LOL at fandom being Sane. Okay I’ll be back with shit is clarified.

OH GREAT!!! The Sun is really out and in full shine now. So I know it’s going to be a great day today. Here comes the sun, I m alright.


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