The sun will come out… my Alexander lust is still sizzling hot. Where is my hearts desire?? Boo where ya at?

so there are  pics where he looks like casper the swedish ghost (be touching on that soon)  I still would hit it and not quit it, in his trailer and his porsche. Yes the porsche sex is gonna happen. It’s now my daily mantra. What?! Among other things. I see R Black  didn’t make Saturday or Sunday tune. I was so looking forward to her telling me it’s Saturady aww well life goes on.  But it’s a new week no dragging bullshit into the new week. Release and let go and invite good vibrations into my circle.

They say this week is suppose to be warm like halleluyaa praise Wesus. My skin needs to air out and breathe. (so I have to dust off my short, shorts and get my flips out and shave me legs among other things) Lookin forward to it tho. Got my watermelon so I am ready to go. Can’t have a warm day without watermelon and other things.

So in the spirit of warmth coming. I am going to need my heart’s desire to show me some skin. You know what that means right. I am gonna need some Gym Skaars maybe sweaty  skars (dies)yeah, sweaty. Delicious…. now that is something I need to be apart of because you know what that means clean or wash up sweet jesus why do I frustrate mahself so much.(but I would so go to the gym with him and watch him work out and get sweaty then go back home with him and wash off (among other things) and then work out together and get sweaty again, ugh viscous cycle is delicious cycle. The sex)

So I am going to need to see some hairy skars legs. Yeah that shit is turn on…the perv in me  (normally tis kind of action is not switch on, but with him I want to help him scratch it among other things, apparent tis is sexually frustration day of the Askars kind) wants to run her hands up his shorts and see what I can find . Call me the snake charmer . I need some bulge in my life right now K  Tack så mycket

One needs visual motivation in life. Put it out there and it will come back to you x 3 they say.

 Tis one tho is my fave (can you tell why?!)so much going on in one frame, nipples, lips, hairy legs. and the obvious. GP def wants a meet and greet. I will never deny the GP of that satisfaction. Alexander should never deny us of that satisfaction. Just run my hands up to his snake….. be continued in my knickers… sweet desire. Let it be.

PS you looks good in black, black looks good on you, black is your colour. Just be fine for no good damn reason.


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