Seriously your fineness in vamp makeup. Ugh must repeat mantra louder. I MUST HAVE YOUUUU!!!

Okay so I refuse to let you not be mine. I must have you. That is all. I am convince in this. (when I am convince well)

Tis pose tho looks familiar, I have seen tis somewhere before. (laughs to self in amusement) Stop staring into my soul unless you are ravishing the body. Just sayin’

you body tho, the aches ugh. My vergina. I totally block out tis girl. I only see arms lips and face. Lovely face. Delicious arms. I want. beautiful man is beautiful.

His neck, his neck I have vampire tendencies. His adams apple I want to lick it. (apparently I have lost control of my emotion. I regret nothing. Only regret would be not fucking him and at tis time not is not an option. so no regrets there)

okay so tis lady is like a TB location scout right?! She is like always there. How does she always find them. Is there like location listing or something. I need to know but Man my shit so not hardcore but I am motivated to be on set. To watch him work. It would be fucking  cool. I be like Hey Eric Northman mind taking me to your dungeon.

haha tis lil dudes face, like a cat in cream. Priceless. Stephen got his Beel face on. But that lil dude face. Love it. Alex tho. Not having any of it. His body thoooooo, bites down hard on lower lips.

haha everyone is smiling and Alex is just trying to fit in the frame. I bet tis lady ask them to smile. Alex is like I am smiling on the inside k. Tis motherfucker love him . She is cute tho

Fan pics. thanks for the fustrations @Fallenstar1


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