A new Mula trailer yeah its now Mula even tho Battleship is on the poster.

Lol people stressing. It’S a fun movie and again the visuals it looks fuck yeah Good. I hope it’s in IMAX I refuse to see it any other way. The louder the better.  More visual the better. I fucking MAX.

People that question it, should just watch it. Tis kinda brings me back when explosions were awesome you know shit being blown up for a reason not just because there is a big budget. It’s looks awesome i am sure I will see it two times possible in one day.

Tis is def an headlight for Alexander it will also be a recoup for Kitsch cause JC is just too long and boring and the trailer made me want to go to sleep. It’s an Fantasy god dammit make me want to believe.

Anyways Riho doesn’t speak in tis trailer. Yepeee, somewhere I am hoping she’s  sign language through the whole film but sadly I know that’s not going to happen. Must work on my jedi mind force.

Alexander might die but he will be in a greater deal in tis than first though of.. I wouldn’t  be surprise if tis motherfucker come crawling out of some hall way with smoke and mist and sweaty and a big ass gun saying to Kitsch those fucking aliens though they could kill me?! Naw man i am Stone fucking Hooper. So yeah it could def happen.


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