It’s Friday but what’s gonna be the story for next week??

 Too excited?! Come on man it’s friday.

Well, well, well interesting gos is interesting. Well not really. So here  we are again but this time with someone different. First of all tis one can drink without using an ID, she is old enough and she has fame and money so good for you dude! You made it.  She is def higher on the celeb chain of Fame. Would you be the next Mr. Aniston?! (see what I did there, no?! Well let’s just say she would devour him alive, the hungry one was an amateur tis one is a pro mark my fan girl words, she got the I am bitch eyes pat down and she is really good in those roles too, but hey I hear you screaming but..but… 99.9% of females are bitches, Yes! please there’re necessary bitches and unnecessary bitches >>those are the evil ones that devour souls along the way for fun. Me I am a necessary one, put you in your place when you pass your place. I don’t devour souls tho, I could, but I just have a cookie tastes better and good for your glucose levels.)Who knows these things. HW is all about trend setting right?! I would high 5 but I don’t ship shit so yeah. It’s friday who knows what Saturday and Sunday will bring more drama, less drama. Theatre school. *clueless*

I really can’t stand or in the mood for your days of Askars love life according to news reports. Your fans are nauseating point and your fans are nauseating and heave worthy when it comes to your love life. during the hungry one days and now even worse it’s quite alarming the interest in you. UGH! The drama. Been reading and everyone got their knickers and headbands in a twist. Just because again you MIGHT be chatting excuse me DATING/MAKING OUT with someone. UGH! To be honest it look really made up and you know at tis point it’s getting so over the top I just can’t care anymore. I get it you’re at that level now, (he is please) where everything you do is news worthy and since your fans live for tis shit that is your life. I just can’t get involve.

Whatever is going on I hope you are happy about it. Is tis my cue to move on and get a horse or pony and ride into the sunset with my knitting needle and kitties. (naw man I will be fine eventually)   Well just like everything in tis world (okay your life I am gonna need a statement or pics cause Lawd, Wesus and the stars people just seem to like to make up shit and run with it, press green light go) and to be honest the whole shipping because the two of you are blond and pretty.  Tis some Nazi bio lab shit. I am not prepared in getting into or reading about tis. Sorry, all that is missing is Hitler jumping out of the brushes and say I told you I would accomplish the super race. (also doesnt mean baby will be cute either, babies are a mystery. you never really know how they will come out)  but tis very disturbing that people are all about the Aryan race that will be the two of you. I think that is what is most disturbing about the whole of this. Good thing I ain’t a jew tho it would be awkward. Aww well another week another drama. Let’s see how tis plays out shall we or next week fade out. If he gave me his numb I could call him directly and ask him is your Swede cock taken my good sir. (I still believe Señor Skarsgård swedish treasure is not taken by pirates. Arrggghhh my mate-ties)

But it’s friday and since Rebecca Black took it upon herself to make a song to tell me that point. I am just going to play ridiculous tune to go with ridiculous lunes that is your love life right now according to fans and gossip blogs. Okay then. Watching and waiting to see what appears and for Black to make the rest of the week tune. i am looking forward to it’s Saturday and Sunday. That would be my Jam.

Thanks rebecca I couldn’t do it without you, cause lawds waking up it such a drag and having a clock and phone and calendar just wouldn’t keep me in the loop of the days of the week.  So while Alex gets on with him secxy self with sexy women. I am going to get my plans together for LA. (should I avoid him, since he is dating now) Who knows there still a couple more weeks left till I arrives so who knows maybe he will be Single ( I still say Señor Skarsgård is Single) when I get there again or maybe he will be attach to someone. ( I still plan to jump him and play with his instrument ) I would like him to say something tho. So one (yours truly) can know if the swede cock is still available for non celebs. Cause a celeb I am not and blond also not boo on me. But there is always Clairol  Epic fail.  no point for being normal.

partying, partying, fun fun. Insightful words to live by thanks again rebecca what would I do without your words of wisdom.

Just because the luster doesn’t died over night. But it’s getting oh so tiresome following you online and reading the bull about you and your love life. UGH! Since I love to see you walk away. I found tis and lookie here Gus is trying to be a papzo. LOL

I do love to see him swag, away and approaching.

 his backside is beautiful that is all he needs to let me tease slap it. It shall be my hobby.

 Sup Gurra I can see you and your camera too. Too cute.

Anyways fun, fun,. partying partying.  I am gonna need Señor Skargård to come out and show himself swaging around town looking fine and fit and all and while he is at it send me his address. That’s all I got to say other than I am still watching his movements and from there I will make my final decision.

it’s friday so I am gonna bust a move and since tis is my  jelly jam (don’t believe the hype) ok semi jam. everything should end in a dance move.

 it’s the gift that wouldn’t stop giving. love it.

so to top tis all off I am going watch Friday the movie on friday. yeah now that’s what I am talking about.

 Got to make sure I have enough milk to…

Still so fucking funny.


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