The place I would like to made permanent resident on (yes I typed on) is Alexander Skarsgård.

Yes the place/person I would like/luvs to made resident on is Alexander Skargård. Created in Sweden now located in the Los Angeles area. I would love very much to live on it for a very long time. I request permanent resident of this country. Points of interest nipples, lips, arms and hands, ass and especially GP.

(I could have said everything but then I couldn’t make a list of places of pleasure, ugh)

PS I know where tis Whole foods is, it’s literally not too far from where I’ll be staying. Awesome now I know I’ll be shopping there to get my daily grocerees. I don’t live there and most of the time I don’t know what I am gonna eat or if  I am eating in. But I will make sure I come by on friday and stake the place while pretending that I am not staking the place. Now if I knew where he has lunch I could sit and wait for him to show without looking like a groceree stalker. While keeping an eye out for a silver surfer in the silver porsche so I can ask to go for a ride on/in both. Why choose when you don’t have to.

Just because tis vid still does a lot of awesome thing for and to my body. His support and screams/ shouts makes me want to support and scream/shout while holding on to… be continued in my knicker and noted in my Askars sex book.

Chapter one.

he drops his pants and I scream for Swede cock.

Just because Sean Paul encourages the sexy times and swede cock needs to be rode.

Yes I will make sure I make him want to crawl up the wall after the sweet devastation.

PS that glasses is growing on me and I would very much like to have it and it owner all over my face. K Tack så mycket


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