First of All. Damn your body tho.. I WANT.

Damn look at you with your fine sexy ass self and I am not going to cry in my juice because. I shouldn’t be looking at you I should be.. doing the fuck out of you, slowly, fastly and a whole bunch of times.   any body has the burning urge(me, no surprise huh!) to walk behind him with their hands in his back pocket like they searching for his wallet but really is feeling p his ass, while kissing his neck. (I will be wearing high heels, so I can reach all the good stuff) I WANT TO DO HIM SO BAD. but you already knew that but I feel to say it again, tis is my blog after all.


Senor Skarsgård I should be all over you (very soon) right now like fabric or that tee that is hugging you in all the right places and tis pic makes me want to piggy back with you all the way home and then saddle top on you know what. Just be riding you. Like I was a fucking derby jockey Ugh The sex I need to be having it with you.

God I love you and I want all that you have to offer and Ugh just some much sexy, delicious thoughts that I can’t put on here but I am going to write a New karma Sutra book and tis is chapter one if you think you have any idea as to what I planning on doing. You don’t, because  tis just push it to an whole another sexy time level that I need to experience with Señor Skarsgård. Oh yeah.


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