Sweet mother of my VERGINA. Yes I type VERGINA because looking at tis it’s not Vag any more


I am gonna need tis poster and the man on the poster in my life and in my room real soon. So I can have some quality time with both. Yeah I am gonna need me some real long quality time with the poster. Naw man,  the man, please look at tis hot motherfucker with navy suit and the face and the oily hands and I am gonna have to stop cause I going to make mahself so fucking frustrated it wouldn’t be funny no more. So I am gonna need Señor Skarsgård to come (pun intended) and spend some quality time with me in April, yeah look out April and get ready Alexander cuz I am a coming. (yeah pun in tended)

So Someone gonna have to tell me where I can buy, steal or hijack this poster and I am gonna need his Swedish hand cock (what he’s swedish and he has a a cock so I am gonna need his Swede cock. I mean handcock Lol, but I am serious I meant his swede cock see I typed it again )

But on that note this poster is the shit. He is all dirty and sexy and ready to take shit down. (I still don’t understand why they kill him,come on now Berg WTF, just have no idea god damn) But the graphic is great I love how the light reflect almost very realistically to him in th right places and the position of the objects are spread just right it’s not crowd but it filled enough and you notice and you get pull in. I see a lot of movie poster but this one is Awesome A+ for the graphic designer or whom ever A+. I love it His name looks amaze balls in huge letters well he is a hugh man so there is that. At least that’s the myth and I want to be the myth buster on that cock I mean case. (cock is a lovely word okay) Anyways this is now on my desktop. My phones wallpaper.  Yes I have phones. And in a few minutes it will be this entire blog. Sweet mother my VERGINA IS HIS. there I said it. It’s put on there Universe send his swede cock (I don’t cure he has one and I want to… continued in my knickers)my way.

Just dirty and yummy and fuckable all at the same time. Somebody take the wheel cause I just can’t any more. I knew it would be awesome and it is FUCK YEAH.

now a couple more The Aliens and Liam.

For my Big sis Liam N. Because he does it for her. So she will be happy


PS I am still waiting for a statement ( but at this point, a Askasrs swagger vid would do just fine) Yeah I am a gonna need some daytime swag video preferably in shorts. TACK!!



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