Ode to fame (courting at its refineness I would say whoring but she not totally there yet, give her till next year tho) Dude you don’t stand a chance against these..HW Wiccas.

Haha so we get a statement source of  in morse code way?! Why do people makes things so difficult when it can be so simple but we’re not talking about the real world here.  HW is  all sort of make up people and denial the soon people believe they are being sold fantasy the easier we will understood we being sold shit.

(okay sometime) Most of the people excuse my bad manner actORS needs to be recycle or reprogrammed, remade or REally!!

I love how she is all about I am want to be taken seriously. Seriously UGH here we go with the I am real actress. Please Meryl don’t die. LOL I am a serious actress well you know what star JUST FUCKING ACT And STFU and let your work speak for itself, if you’re looking for a sentence filler find a charity that you can spotlight.  The only time you use seriously is if you go to the bank for a loan and say Seriously dude I need this money or I lose my house and my business and my wife or I seriously need this heart transplant or I will die. That should be taken seriously but seriously what is Life and death situation. But still actresses always be putting on a show even tho some or less obvious than other. (looking at you Olsen and hungry one)

Anyways I love to read in-between bull she is insulting my IQ tho does she think I am  Snookie. (I still glad my soul has not been tainted but that fuckery of human life that is now a show. UGH!)  I have read a book ya know (haha, okay a couple okay they were comic books my brother had a whole bunch k.  What you judging me?! Look at me I am caring about what you think I would do an Olsen but Iam can’t be bothered) PS I can read tho that’s what people keeping telling me anyway but they are family so they load the Bull because they luv me LOL

Okay back to what was it again. yeah the statement. LOL

she says something to people link

“The one time I make it part of my life and you have a conversation with someone, you’re just like, ‘Okay, well, I guess talking to people is not a [relationship],’ ” Olsen said. 

So is there a special guy in her life? 

“You know, I hung out with Tom Colicchio for 20 minutes,” she quipped. haha I guess she is into polygamy.

Just one more thing to this.


So she is saying what exactly, I decoded it but still maybe she feels we can’t handle the truth. Anyone feeling a Jack Nick moment.

(she could have just said NO we are NOT having or will we be having intercourse even tho I wouldn’t mind, lol come on you know she wants some meatballs and not the Ikea ones, lol or she could have said there is nothing we just chat, geesh look how easy that was. I will do it again the first time is always hard, No we are not together we were just talking gosh and that was typing UGH) look man this whole pg6 source shit then went viral stinks. Yeah they were talking but someone is wanting to make much more of this than it is. Is it you Olsen? I am going to say it’s you and you PR . No that’s not what I am saying I love that these people think there’s  mushroom growing in my brain instead of cells well boo on you the doctor said he clear those out years ago. Anyways I smell a rat. These Olsen the young one included are all about self promotion. (even when they say they aren’t) Hell everyone in HW is, that’s their business people. Sell ya something. Hope you buy it. Cool just tell me ya selling tho Ugh! I know she is trying to be the vrigin bride or Olsen but come on tho if she was so pure why not just speak the simple truth or words, if you are going to open your trap. UGH!

I am still waiting for Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård ( I could have just said Alexander Skarsgård but it wouldnt be as dramatic) open his pretty swedish trap about tis tho. Why he refuse to speak when his mouth has something to say is beyond me. He could be funny and say my roller coaster has not had trolls ride on it nor will it ever. Tack! (of course for him it’s  not bad press tho he probably getting high five or 23 at the gym. Men with women in HW no matter how dirty, young is never bad press, HW is pure dicks and penis) LOL evil must?! Sometimes. That being said I hope this is not some fucking set up for I don’t know her, she don’t know me dates cause that shit got old fast, it would be fucking FLASH GORDON  the second time around. I wouldn’t even finish reading the headline, just be deleting all my shit and block him out of my thought. I can Obi wan his ass if I want. The force I have it. I heard it’s now in 3D. So I can do I just don’t want to. He would lose so much more tis time if he played that shit. If he does that he will be betraying the LAWWWW! LMFAO!

Because if she is speaking they reach out to her and that means they reach out to him so why you don’t speak boo. (I know you speak english, I watch TB all four seasons) I am still waiting for you to speak my clock is still ticking. tic-toc

Anyways here is Askars making out with a woman in the Public, broad daylight, with witnesses and vid/cameras flashing Pervert! (I am surprise this shit didn’t make press and went viral international he was touching her there was even embracing,  there was kisses, gawd, the soft porn it happened and there was proof too ugh, I suck at starting gos) and then to make matters worst he was laughing about it,  waves (swedish gang signs, see how he spreads out the fingers to make an obvious 5, five times motherfucker 5 times make it ten now see why I want to do it with him, he doesn’t hit it once but 5 times, my body is ready and waiting) to the papz because they got a great pic! Fame whore Motherfucker.  (True story or is it E ! HW story I get confuse with facts these days) Tis Motherfucker love him still. Long embellish story short Olsen is playing the game (I will bet Berry’s first born on tis) but she think she is smarter at it. Yeah go with that but sort it out Alexander Skarsgård I am gonna need you to quote n quote and I am gonna bounce outta here with a tune cause that’s how I roll and I like tunes and I gonna turn it up and roll like  that.

Just because it so darn cute and he is fucking adorable I am gonna post it again 

In that respect laters I’ll will back after all tis is really sorted (so that could mean tis is my last post, we shall see it still just Wednesday) or there is a daytime video. Yeah daytime swagger I could take a serving of that.


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