Alexander Skarsgård vanityfair tux man fits well of course.

You looks amazing in the suit boo (body wise it’s on) it fits perfectly at all the right areas. I love it. Your wearing the fuck out of this tux. But your face tho…

and look at you all about the career, (at this time of year you should be) I ain’t mad at you mingle and dine, rub shoulders and get scoops. Drink fancy bubbles and weird sounding name meals, use fancy toilets and well that’s all I got. I love it. A weekend of networking and working the scenes and hitting the hit parties getting your face out there and talked about and boy does your fans love to talk about you whether there is info or not.

But… baby, boo boo the tuxs is rocking as I said and I dig it entirely but I have to come back to your face, you know I love to look at it. I want to lust tux  until my heart explode but your eyes looks well… you look tired and over it. Partied too much?? Where is Gus or Fares no man love dates. Sadness. You know I am taking this shit personally like why am I not your plus one why am my arms not wrapped around your waist sliding down to your booty. Ugh.

Just because you look like you could  use a good smooch.

But seriously like all these pics make me want to change my flight and come earlier, but tis makes me want to change my flight and be there now, to give you a cuddle, and kisses boo boo I don’t like your sad/tired face. Get you some bed rest or virgin blood which ever. I  MISS YOUR FACE . (translation running into you)


maybe you’re tired or over worked or partied out the day better you looked much better and relaxed maybe a particular hungry company in the area can can that. But hey you live in a ghost town,  spooks will show up you scare the shit out of you

I will be seeing you real, real soon. Wait around HW for me boo boo kitty. So I can give you a hug and a cuddle and you can rest your head on my boobage or among other things. Yeah other sexy things. (Sexy times, lots of it)

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