So here’s a thought… it started with Erin

And Here is this girl that posted this vid on youtube. It’s not me so calm yo tits but Her name is Erin, she seems sweet and from what she is saying devastated by heartbreak. that’s gonna happen it life Erin but get up and brush your hair and self off for your future whom ever.  Since Señor Skarsgård has been in this place many times he has said maybe he can help lil cute face out. She looks/seems sweet, I want to give her a cuddle for one she is brave and stupid for posting such heart on youtube for possible ridicule but hey sometimes you take chances. So here she is…It was nicely done very high schoolish   I am gonna take a guess that she is still in high school if not Gurrrl. You can see her anxiety in her eyes and her smile but when she smile it’s very pretty she has a very lovely smile. I like smiles, smiles are good it encourages laughter.

So anyways tis vid got me a thinking why doesn’t Alexander do video back to fans you know like in that uninterview thing he did back then where he answers fans questions etc. He should do that for his fans given most of them are crazier than a mexican rat bat but still it would be nice if he did like a monthly vid back to fans.

It would probably calm down the crazies from trying to find him and snoop into his private life, feed the beast on your own terms gets him in touch with his fans and strengthen his fan base and his fans can get a monthly view of him and maybe calm the fuck down, but  you know stuff like that because in the end isn’t that what’s fandom is all about connecting with your celeb be it through vids or movies and it’s also nice of the celeb to do something for their paying fans since we live in a digital iPad,iPhone I,  tis age green light go.

Just saying he got shit loads of fan sites just to name a few SkasrgårdNews and etc. I don’t see why not. I am not saying how ever he should go on a date with this girl as cute as she is (she a baby tho, still working it out)  Lawd she couldn’t handle his goodbye. Distance is better in this case but a vid back would be great for her and him making the connection without getting too close.

Why the hell not I say, he should also take on a official fan site too, I would say take on one of his devotee fan sites but that may cause blood shed and since neither are vampires I don’t think they will heal well.

Anyways I say let it be, happen,  be real or something of the sort, apparently his fans would like to see him/hear from him I mean most of these people dedicate EVERYDAY of their lives to him 365 days out of the year, blog (not all the time but I am one ) Tumblring, gossiping bla bla bla.  That’s some hardcore shit and there should be some reward it might get him some peace. (hopefully)

Oh and not to get it twisted I have seen vids that can not be unseen dedicated dear Askars vid and I shrug, I shrug now but still there’s like a whole bunch crazies out there but she seem sincere. When I see him in April I will tell him about you and suggest the idea.


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