Release the Kraken

Don’t you just wish that you could say that and it would come out and solve some stupid shit that not even worth your brain cells transmissing what to your mouth to say fuck you fools.

Because Lawd, All I got to say about super dumbass wants another serving of his weak shit, this wicca has no sense Rihanna  I call her beat down now. She is stupid and a fool and I boycott her shit.(too harsh, sorry don’t support fuckery or dumb shit I leave that to their sensible fans (used loosely) I ain’t got the time or ears to listen to what she is singing about (used loosely because frankly her latest album is basinally a sex tape OST for her and lil punk bitch aka Limp dick Wris Doo doo. I say let nature takes it course and it will sort it self out and lord it will sort it self out limp dick will get his don’t you worry Life has a way of ironing out it shit and it never forgets either Limp dick. Even if you did beat the sense out of her.(she is more than lost a flashlight as no use to her anymore, self destruction is way on the way) but anyways I boycott these fool. As a matter of fact I have not bought (long live downloads anything limp dick  put out there since what happened happened) As for her I stop spending money since she went haywire with  disturbia got me disturb I don’t like people disturbing me and I sure as hell don’t pay them too.

I love how their generation of mental fuck up fans talking smack again (he only beat her down once, sorry Girl that was a near death experience and he is lucky that Rihanna is of no relations to me cause Uhm, yeah lucky. It only take one time to be a rapist too and one time to kill someone to be called a murder but labels who really need them) where is the real fucking Kraken, release it Please! Most of people are like the music is tight haha okay if you call it that I am sure strippers appreciate the new OST.   Don’t understand went Respecting yourself or your partner became an Urban legend because a dude can’t love you if he beating the shit out of you or you can’t say shit without the fear of a beat down. (but they (his fans) all go to the Unversity of Stupid but really should major in SHUT THE FUCK UP but they too busy rushing to get to beat the shit out of me please classes UGH! Females they gonna have to check vagina because I just can not with some of these idiots. ) I know some how this is some sort of animal cruelty on the Kraken but lawd some people need not still be.  I would hope that they don’t reproduce please, don’t make anymore like you. Their parents need to intervene and shut some stuff off or stop paying for some shit and overall stop giving kids salaries for allowance fucking up the world and it’s eco system sanity UGH!

Oh I especially love the you don’t know what it is like (really so for me to get enlighten or have a thought, or logic coming in I gonna need someone to beat the living shit out of me) Sorry but that shit don’t fly with me. Nope and he is young BULLSHIT what is he 2? I know he has the mental capacity of a 2 year old but still.  You don’t know because you have not been through it or been there shit. We need to stop enabling enablers and give some tough love so they can sort it out assistants and care and love sure but tough none the less because in the end as history repeatedly shows us it NEVER ENDS WELL.

I don’t care what happens to super dumb ass I am blocking and boycotting her, ugh she is in Battleship (I already had issues with her now I can’t ) I just can’t and she doesn’t die in this Berg dude, UGH I would boycott this movie too if I Alexander wasn’t in it.(there are  just something I DON’T SUPPORT. INSTANT TURN OFFS) Dumb wicca UGH, just no brain cell or though for one self. Forgiveness is one thing but collaboration of any kind is some dumb shit. She more than just lost and I just can’t stand looking at her anymore, she has cheapen and lower and dumb ass herself on many many levels. Money don’t make you smart or happy it just help conceal the stupid and stupid is a strong gene that shit doesn’t die out, it spreads. I wish she would stop trying to look so conscious and deep by quoting  BoB Marley (weed didn’t make bob deep, BOB was fucking deep)  like she’s even on that level of understanding, she is more uncousious if anything and weed does not enlighten you if your mind is already clutter and full of shit.

The chick is off my IPOD/Blog  and his punk weak ass too, free or not I don’t need or support this/their shit. After Battle$hip she is dead to me.

The world is a fuck up place then you have these tools for the next Gen … oh the horror…

I present the shit that’s about to hit the fan.


Just have no self worth or validation NONE when it was being dish (worth, such a pretty girl, but delusional as a motherfuck) out she was never in the line. I would go GIRL you’re better than that and his dick ain’t that good I would go on record and say limp dick is a weak fuck but yeah I wouldn’t hit it.

SHE IS SO FUCKING DEAD TO ME AND THERE WILL BE NO WEEPING FOR HER NONE.  YOU step in quick sand where there is a warning sign saying you wouldn’t make it then yeah go on then.

He is way too angry to appreciate or love anything,( I would say they both need a cuddle but they are both fronting and putting on doll faces, Ugh I wouldn’t care just can’t care  this frustrate I am gonna let it go, release and let go)  he is short fuse and he is gonna blow they are very negative energy and you know that never jel well.

LOVE They call what they have LOVE excuse me while laugh my ass off and judge the shit out of them. I am going be GOD right about now and say LOVE don’t fucking beat your face in. LOVE don’t cheap on you. LOVE don’t cut you down to make you small or feel like a piece of shit AND LOVE is an embrace of warm not fear. I see love like  mother’s (a good one) embrace/protection if you have a good mother you blossom if you have a bad one you fuck up almost every day. Temptation and being human and making mistake is apart of life but sorry if there comes a day when I say he Luvs me that’s why he beats, cheats, belittle etc etc on me is the day when I me some cats give me the cats and dogs people should learn from animals, they do what is necessary to survive they will eat you if they have to but to survive human being are mean and cruel  just because they can you see it on the news all the time just be fucking over each other for some mundane unnecessary shit. UGH!


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