Oh gawd he is on a beach on his back (lawds)with his legs up (wesus) and I am NOT on top devastating it. Sadness! Even tho it was a while back

First of all  he is on a beach without me. Sadness No I don’t care that it was a while back. Not even 10 years back.

Wesus take something cause I feel ugh instantly enthrall to go for a ride on.., God I can’t even, seriously, I have been saying for what seems like years that I need to be on a beach some where with sand in between my feet and the sun down on me and the sea in view with him next to me of course. Then there is this I find where ever or whom ever tis is from to be one mean motherfucker for mere uninterested morals this means nothing but to me it it a tick to go find him and… To be continued in my pants or his pants or beach shorts.

Now this is just too funny too because yesterday I was sorting out my 2 pieces which ones I’ll be taking with me, I am not going on a vacation but I am going to LA in April and since there are beaches there , why the hell  not get some sun and sea would be great. My skin needs to air out and get kissed by the sun plus I got on way way too much clothes on right about now. Even tho the sun has been out and I can feel it on my skin so that I can stop wearing my Russian Eskimo outfit I am down to a regular coat now oh the joy and it feels good the sun and I love it. I am gonna say Spring is here and I embrace it.

So back to visual motivation/stimulation which I totally am right now to find Señor Skarsgård and ask him if he want to be my beach buddy,  I want him like this on his back on the sand his arms and legs would be the only parts kissed by  the sun because I would be on top of him and on it like all the time come on folks this is no surprise and no I wouldn’t give too fucks and a cola to who was there or watching, I wouldn’t go xxx porn on the beach but there would be a lot of getting to know and skin to skin can I get a sun kiss and rub down please.

Speaking of LA I am pretty much in the zone, I’ll be staying around the Runyon Canyon base area so that means I have to go for 9 o clock morning run (some how I am excited about that)  can’t be that close and not run  and it got me thinking since Señor Skarsgård pretty much is invisible now and I don’t have a copy of his daily/weekly/monthly schedule (better yet his home address)  (I have a feeling that’s your backyard boo invite me over) does he run anymore and better yet does he run around Runyon Canyon.  (yes I still very much want)  so many question so little stalkerish time. I would also like to know, where does he eat lunch now? since one must eat where does one,  (he) eats, then there is does he buy groceries? Where?curious minds (okay me) want to know. If he send me a copy of his dailies goings on It would be sooooooo much easier to pop up and say hi.

Since the universe like to mindfuck me  I feel and put him in my view or path I would very much appreciate The Universe doing said view or path in my way  in April (K, TACK!) so I don’t have to register at I am his official stalker.com  That would be awesome balls, since I am official going there to none of your bee wax and he is working let’s hope we run into each other literally cause god I wouldn’t  get off of him. He be like sorry I run into you and I be like sorry I am not getting off of you. What?! I am serious dude. lol, no I am.

Just because he is not nekkid enough on the beach pic I am gonna make it worst and frustrate mahself because self loading is my thing now, when it comes it him. UGH Frustrations.

 He would never or ever need to say that shit to me,(okay if I have to pee, I have to go)  but you best believe when he comes back I am ready and waiting for more, lots more.

Beautiful fine ass (that I very much would like to tease slap) I would let him walk away from me nekkid like alot,  all the time who needs clothes lets be Scandinavians together boo boo. 

Just be putting things around the house and asking him to go get it for me please. Like baby could you go get me that and  sweety boo could you go get that for me please,  so I can watch him go get it so I can get off on it.

I would return the favor of course equal oppurtunity playing and all that, what is good for the goose is great for the gender. I am gonna need nekkid Alexander in my life or room like really soon, oh so soon. I better see/run ito him in April and just have sex and more sex and then some more and be exhausted, and just be falling asleep when he is not around. I would caught up on my sleep when I am dead.

Oh man I still have lots to do before I leave for LA the beginning of April UGH! But I already have my short shorts and my dress and fancy knickers cause you never know when you might need fancy knickers. I sure Alexander like fancy knickers more fun to take them off.

Because when my mind drift off or I have a moment of whatever this is instantly where my mind goes to. yeah pretty much.


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