So where are you now? Mah Boo. Where and what ya doing without me. Sadness.

Because you know I like to be all up in your bizness, so where are you? What ya doing? Why ya doing it without meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, UGH I am still taking it personally.

 Tis is a beautiful pic btw, it got it all no?! Eye candy, god they are beautiful, huge hands on the lips. His hair is begging for me to mess it up. Then there is visible skin I want to run my hand up is shirt and unbutton is shirt while he stares down at me with hunger eyes to see what I will be doing next. UGH I need to stop. Then I stare at his nether regions tis always happens and I am like The GP is calling out to me It wants me to free it from it pants. I shall set it free and release it on me. I WANT But where are ya boo boo, in NYC or L 2 the A??

tis motherfucker love him so fucking much  I concur, so so hot.


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