Rapology the then n now. Now no one knows what it means but it gets people going. Right?! Apparently.

I got me two vids here I like to take a mo and discuss tis cause I’ll bust a move with shake if the beat takes me but there are some confusion that confizzling alot of people and rap/ hip hop is taking some heat for it and some of them are right it should. I was born in the year when alot of tracks were already laid down and rap and gears were fly and a little extras were great. Spitting then and (lipping) now is just ain’t the same man these punk bitch with mics. First I got me here a SOLD JAYZ  and his sheeple Kanye Dumbass West. tis dude he is annoying me so much lately first of all I have it in for him since he made me aware of who the fuck Taylor Swift is I don’t nor did I need to know who she is. So thanks alot ya bastard with ya dumbass no manners moves.

The video is fucking retarded man where the fuck were they going with tis mess, it just all over and nowhere tis is movie magic first class basic editing vid shit UGH!! So the vid is stupid  and apparently some subliminal messages are in there too Tis SOLD motherfucker milking the Illuminati shit what it may or may not be worth. Whatever I don’t CONFORM and if tis is some brain washing shit EPIC FAIL man,  I can’t stand dumbass ass and SOLD bitch. The title tho this is what I mean really you had to make that your Title .I know creativity is not ya best suits right now, I mean the lyric if you can call it that is so fucking weak,  it’s weak because all SOLD talks about his Rolls and Rolex n all the irrelevant shit (I don’t care about I am happy for ya but a want me to bust a move to Ejaculating to ya self) he’s got,  except a tight lyric someone needs to write tis fool some new material man just re-repeat his advantages.

All that’s left for most of these dude to do is masturbate then jizz in the camera cause basically tis is what they doing right now. Why Dumbass there with his whack voice and whack moves and conversating with his voices and I am sure he sees and hears dead folks. (I see ya Kanye and ya demons too) I Just can’t tho, why the N word I have seen Nigerians in Paris and some Ugandans in Paris but I never seen me no Negros but that could because y’all dumb asses weren’t there, like way to row the slave ship I can see you still holding on tightly Branding I hope y’all masters happy,  and thanks for keep shitting on the people that make your ass able  to make a fool of yourself not only in private but public too but hey people keep paying for your shit so. But I ain’t gonna lied tho, the beat is tight it demands blastin in ya cars and in your house and be breakin windows and shit. They should just sell beats san certain rap/hip hoper and I am down with that.


Then there is the angry one, LIL PUNK BITCH tis one so angry tho and feels the whole world should be on his dick and then grateful for the chance to approach it.. UGH Young dudes in Show or music but the only thing tis bitch (yes I said it I will tell him to his face too, I would add the punk, he is a punk bitch I like to see him try to take a swing) can tell me to do is turn the beat up and I don’t listen to him immediately either I have to listen to it first but Busta is in it and I have to turn the fucking beat up what?! That’s BUSTA man I miss the lock Bus but seriously Busta, Missy and Timbaland can tell me to turn every body shit up and I will, almost def do it.

But other than that tis little Punk bitch can sit down and go cry in his baby corner,  he is only alive and well in the Rap game because of collaborations and remixes, Hip and Rap is 85% mixes please they group and mix n most times mixes are much more awesome than the orginals. So the only reason tis bitch think his shit is on FIRE  is because mixes keep him ablaze, let’s not get common place tho, the kid can dance then now not so much he’s too angry and stupid and childish to pull his shit together and be humble tis bitch couldn’t find that word in the dictionary even when it Highlighted in pink with audio saying here fool  so yeah. Tis fool so angry next he’ll be beating down little girls and kicking their lollis away. LIL PUNK BITCH

Plus tis song says it all no, We can do anything (hello,  really kinda)  can have everything (Not really bitch) Why stop NOW (stop buying his shit) But he has Generation stupid who have credit cards so he  masturbating to his own Stupid. He got a Grammy what the fuck does that means now really what the fuck does an Oscar mean so many second class medicore shit out right now.I don’t take these shit seriously now but hey dude you never did nuttin wrong other Beat ya Girl down to a near death experience but what do I know you the man right?!


If you want a good listen to some good shit click said link and be motivated tis is where bust a move was birthed from and where not only the beats were hard but the lyrics were tight. K


Let me tak e ya back a couple of good mixes away.

Then there was 90’s rap/ hip hop it was the best then and still is, soemtimes it’s simple things and tunes that get ya going and keep ya wantin more. JUMP around

Then Hip hey,  ho (I would be like ya callin me a ho, naw man the he said Hip and I said Ho)

I got to put some Pepper in here

Can’t have reflection without  Hammer Time. No one can still touch tis.

Busta been telling me to Break mah neck, pass de, Let me see and Make it clap, Dangerous and I did it all

Missy Mah girl, ya talk shit bout Missy we are going have dispute OKAY!! Everything she said done is GOLD.

And Work it for Alex cause I can’t say it better.

And of course Timbaland cause have Hip/ rap without TIM ain’t right at all. BTW what is Justin Timberlake without Tim An N Sync Member,  come on now. Ya know Tim made JT. We can fight about it but ya wouldn’t win.

and since tis is about Dance and music I’ll leave with Bounce that’s my view and I am sticking with it.


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