Mah Boo boo bustin a move with an Alien?! Without me say it ain’t so.

First of all tis motherfucker as his shirt wide open showing skin while bustin a move(my two favorite things, he gonna have to dance for me soon God Dammit SOON!) to god knows what and yes he was in Sweden and he didn’t detour to my place tis motherfucker (YOU, UGH YOU) why does he hate me so much?! Why!  I am taking tis shit personally okay everything he does now that I am NOT involved IN I am taking it personally.(even him brushing his teeth without me, taking it personally, EVERYTHING) 

Are they shuffling?? Looks like Fares Fares is shuffling

Tis fine motherfucker tho look at him. I am. I still want me some of his chili. God, I love him so fucking much. I do.  I see a sofa let’s just say I would def make use of it UGH why wouldN’T he give himself to me  and let me work his field and mess up his hair and bite on his lower lips slightly and rub my hands up and down his chest and slap his backside gently,  okay  I am making myself too warm right now. UGH frustration the sexual one, I have it for him.

then there are tis

I love you but WTF is tis? What’s going on or out. Dude it’s creepin me out a little , some. I hope you’re just giving back to it’s owner cause, yeah I hope you’re  just handing it back to his owner. (I don’t need to know what ya doing with it) Looking at your face and eyes I am going to say you are sober cause lawd I see daylight so in Sweden it can’t be anymore than 4 maybe 5 o clock and it’s far too early to be shit face. I hope you don’t get shit face tis early in the day dat is some lonely drunk shit which I don’t like.

But on a serious note I know you are a guy that strips down to his birthday suit and  run down the stairs into the snow screaming someone grab my swedish meatballs and worst thing is my ass will not be there to comply to your request UGH Dammit!

You know he is dancing t tis tho

He’s got passion in his pants and he ain’t afraid to show, wiggly wiggly yeah.

So all in all I like these aliens and all your bustin a move (cause lawd knows I bust one whenever the mood strikes me which is alot okay. Mostly mah kitchen tho or mah work chair or mah car, dammit everywhere )I can’t hate on moves a bustin so there is that. I going to even say that tis is probably an unoffical Battle$hip after party and all I am going to say is why you didn’t invite me. Sadness, he keeps partying without me man so not cool.

Tis one ^^^ Fares Fares. His name is fucking Awesome too I mean dude, his name is Fares Fares come on now but aside from the name he is my favourite BFForever. I love him with Alexander, he seems to have his back and in these pics his backside too lol I can see you got to crazy moves Fares, Fares you gonna have to show one time or maybe a couple of them dance off man I down with it. He is hanging with Alexander alot lately which is cool stew in my book, I bet he knows all of Alexander secrets and desires and lust I betcha and I betcha he wouldn’t tell ya any and any one. (must find a way to find out intimate details about Alexander Uhhm note to self find out what Fares Fares likes and get him to snitch) But on a seriousl note no man that’s not my style I want  Alexander to tell me his secrets, desires and lust and all the other stuff that makes him up. Why get a bucket to get water at the well when you can turn on the pipe.

So yeah he is my Fave, I saw him a in 2010 at Puss Pr and he was actually standing behind me the whole time while I was waiting for Alex to come back and I had the sneaky feelin he was listen in my convo about Alex among other things, so I saw him and gave him the sweep over and sum up and I get nuttin but good vibes from him so there is that fact. But most of all  I love that he’s got somebody or a couple watching his back you need that you know solid friends.

I love tis pic of Far too it’s jiving I almost always love his Tees too and he is wearing no poo pants so he alright with me, as his shirt says Deep Class man, Deep Class.


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