So this is the State of the world right now, just all kinds of fuck up ness and Females I swear to wesus some of you need to be extinct

So I went  over to Dlisted can I take a moment and tell you I love MK tis bitch, can we get together, he’s a funny motherfucker man and he makes a great deal of sense too me. Love him, he needs to be straight and call me. But I saw tis fuckery and I just need to highlight the fuckery that is the mental state of some females right now. I am chick and sometimes y’all scare the fuck of me and your stupid makes me want to go rogue.

 see that my eyes just dried up float up to my brain got moist when down to my eyesballs down my nostril got sneeze out my nose and back to my mouth and WHAT The fuck is this fuckery came out of my mouth.

here is MK story


yeah I don’t know about future,  tis shit going in the Thunderdrome where civilization is made up of those dumb hoes with reproductive system to plague the world with more stupid. Oh lawd help us or take us from it.  Ugh just so many Stupid hoe hoes right now. I would say Jesus take the wheel and drive in a sane sensible direction but lawd knows that time has surely pass. END OF DAYS I AM GOING TO PACK MY BAG.

Oh and there is more stupid too.

good lawd your mama must be so proud that stupid is your major 


The only reason why I am highlighting these fools is that if you see them on the street I would say punch them (they like that)  but let’s not acknowledge violence with stupid but instead give them a free ticket to a run down theme park that has a short track on the roller coaster tell them to go for a ride and that will be that. They will think the tracks are invisible and they wouldn’t die.

Stupid ass tweets

Here I thought that most of Askars fans were cray (the last year I would let him rape me shit. Females, I swear some of them should cancel their membership) The world man just all kinds of fuck up ness. Cause tis need more than a prayer circle I gonna pray these fools can’t reproduce Cause Lawds we don’t need any more of what they got walking around.

because I got tis need to go Rogue right now but MK remind me about Adele love her so much. She has a voice man does she has a voice and she won shitloads of Grammy and I concur she deserve all them and more. Maybe we should cover up our tits and let  our brains get a chance to process thoughts correctly before we speak.


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