So my frown is turned around I feel better now new day and laughter is great.

So yesterday turned out better and happier and I am in a better fucking mood even tho the sun is on vakay today but it’s a warmer day and I am down with that shit. So I took a longer walk in the snow and since the start of the winter I was down with the snow and the cold and I enjoyed walking so much I ended up a good way away. I love to walk by the way so there is that fact with music yeah that’s my thing.

Then afterwards it spent  5 hours with my family, chatting and laughing (sometimes we all talked at the same time but we all knew what everyone was saying) and working through it, cause did I say that my mom a huge Whitey fan well she is and she just not a fan of Bobby B, So tis is how it well down, My big sis and lil sis in the mix with my Big bro 4 cents, Mother: That bastard kill Whitney. Me: Mama simmer down, B Sis: Whitney could have sort it out you know. lil sis: Her poor daughter. Big Bro: That’s fuck up. Me: yeah it is, but come on now, everyone got blame, Whitney could have sort her shit out if not for herself for her duaghter, I don’t have much to say about Bobby but he know what part he played so he’s going have to live with that shit. Mother: He’s still a bastard. (my mother regrets nothing) She is just not a fan, so after hours of back and forth on that. We gos about the rest of the fam and celebs and what not. My lil sis has the best laught in the world so anytime anyone said something funny she would laugh and then I would laugh because I do that and then my Big sis be like what’s so funny  while laughing too, then chimes in my mother laughter or chuckles and my bro would walk in laughter and walk out his laughter is also awesome balls and the little ones would too, then we all laugh  like 10 minutes about nothing really because we are unbalance like that. (I am laughing right now even as I type) Then somebody says something of importance and we’re  back on track, like I am a Aunty again my other big bro and his wife had a lil girl, and we were looking at the pictures and all goes awwww (cause you know how I get around babies and this is my kin so yeah, so much love for her already) she is so gorg which she is then we start with so who does she look like and we go down the family tree of look alike. So I am Aunty and I love being an Aunty even when I am making fun of  the older one.  My older niece was like she is cute right and I am right, she is you are being replace Mid (I call her that among other things, lol) She like your so mean and I am like I love you BB. she like Nana! My mother is like stop messing with my grand baby and I am like sorry Nana! I am like Mid why you so senstive. She storms out dramatically while saying I am a child okay. That like her mantra when it suits her of course. I love her so much, I always tell her that after messing with her, which is so easy to do tho, while squeezing the life out her, she loves a good squeeze.

Everyone in my family loves a good squeeze, we are touchy feely like that, except my Big bro who fronts alot like he don’t like a cuddle but he does. He too man to admit it tho whatevers. We talked further, gos and  work though it. My mom feels better and I feel better I got tiny human cuddles and kisses and they are the best in the world and my sis is still in the same place but she feels for the Whitney family lost tho.

My bro ask me,  so you still into that dude, I am like, yeah, he is like okay (I am never into a celeb  dude tis long, so for my bro tis is interesting, my mom is still intrigued about it too, shit I am still intrigued by it) so I saw the Battleship trailer and it’s looks good I am gonna see it.  I am like I am knew that.

Anyways, I feel much better (my family is best) and in a fucking awesome mood even tho the day look bleek the Grammy’s was alright Jhudson did good. For the rest I don’t really care. Back to really schedule lusting shall we..


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