So Battleship will be called Mula soon… yeah Mula, it will be making lots of it.

Aww, see, quitting him will be hard,  it takes one fucking pic and Bam pregnant okay not pregnant but something happens in me. So here he is his today  doing appearance for Mula I mean Battleship looking a hot mess, (his shirt open seeing skin is making me warm inside) I would say he partied but then I look at Berg and he looks out there too. Maybe it was the shit weather, it can fuck with your style.

 tis is a pretty  pic. Tis suave looking motherfucker, the dude next to him is cute too and he is tall and I like his suit hey now what ever your name is. Berg dude your face is so funny but I get it Mula.. and Battleship looks to be a win= Mula

 haha your face boo boo it’s making me laugh (I am in a happy place today so that helps)  okay cute dude not looking so cute here, bad pic of everyone.

 that’s alot of people but that dude in he shirt without the tie is not happy what’s the matter hombre? No Battleship shares. Sadness oh hey there cute dude and suave motherfucker in the back.

 and then there was smolder tis suave motherfucker, cute dude is still cute tho. BERG!! your face… again

 Berg is killing me with the faces, hahaha I bet cute dude high five while whispering Mula to Berg. Berg’s face tho I can’t. Suave motherfucker is clueless hell so am I. Some are clapping some or reading I am so outta the loop  righ now, I got ya Boo boo. Suave motherfucker with the scarf and the hair.

I have not seen the video but I am sure a dedicated fan will post it soon. I love those dedicated fans I am too lazy to search  I am glad when they do. I would say go rest but ya seem to be allergic to your bed. Speaking of bed he is a  fine suave ass motherfucker so far be it for me to be all up in his sexcapades  and all but dude I hate man whores they gross me out we have nothing in common nor do I want anything to do with them. So yeah there’s that huge fact if said news are correct. But I would like to be all over him like fabric tho. Still love him my boo boo Kitty with the scarf.


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