How many GFs you got Boo boo kitty?? Interesting weekend I just read…

So yeah, how many??  Man whoring much. Look at you smooth operatoring and all there also pics.

But first of all

Alexander Skarsgard was friendly at the party, lending his chewed gum to a female admirer. The oral hygiene-challenged young lady later confessed to us that she chewed the gum for the next six hours.

okay WTF now and

I hope that tis was a mouth to mouth exchange if otherwise it’s gross okay the kinda sorta germaphobe in me is like I don’t think so, it doesn’t matter if it’s Askars it some creepy stalker shit. I am sure she didn’t collect his fallen hair follicles and put it with her Askars shrine collection and bottle his sweat for them days when she thirst okay I am grossing myslef out now. (see I told ya he has intersting tales to tell and he gonna have to tell me sometime soon.) Look I ain’t gonna lie I would take tis bitch gum but chew it for 6 hours naw that hardcore cray shit, the only thing I be doing with him for six hours is sexing and there will be alot of exchange of things involved gums included.

I love his lips and his mouth is attached to that so I need to be all over it, I love kissing it’s my favorite thing to do, please I am have masters and Bachelors etc in that shit, I am all about the mouth to mouth and if you together sharing gum ain’t that gross, but if you don’t know a dude it’s gross but tis is not as bad as that chick from Poland that drink his water after he left and enjoyed it way too much. Dude your fans are strange, freaking me out  man. freaking me out. So any ways when I was younger (hi high school memories making out was my hobby, just all over the lip action.) The best kiss change is mint, ever kiss and swap mint OMG awesome and so refreshing too, recomment it Alot. I would love to mint/peppermint kiss Alexander Oh yeah. it’s no secret that  I would love to make out with him for a long ass time, long ass time.

So yeah, gross lady and desperate, did he do it on purpose to see how far crazies will go. I am gonna say yes, pretty sure tis motherfucker as a dark sense of humor. he may be nice but I am pretty sure he has a dark side too. Anything that’s quite always roars loud. Trust that. Maybe he was amusing himself on her behave all I got o say about that is if she was willing then yeah. I would have said put it back in your mouth and I will come closer and get it. (he would remember that exchange trust me on that he would want more)

10. Strange women throw their selves at Alexander Skarsgard.  (what a life dude, he must be over the moon, I hope his stamina is up to snuff, lol)
9. He smells like fresh laundry.  (I can’t remember tho )
8. Sometimes he grabs the junk of his male friends (haha dude! that funny tho. ) and laughs like a child. (have you ever seen him really laugh it fucking adorable. )
7. Women find that irresistible, too. ( I am sure,) lol

So yeah party like a rock star you did,women follow you, no surprise but how many GFs you got boo boo? (I am sure your fandom is happy about tis, they are dying for some gos, give it to them I say) Am I wasting my time tho?  Lawd I hate wasting my time tho. Or are you hitting and quitting it. I hope you use protection better be safe than sorry. I am not going to cry in my cereal or juice tho, it’s his life after all and if this is how you live it good for you. I am just looking for a reason to quit you ass, so yeah give me one dude.

Anyways here are the pics… him his cell phone which totally disappears in his huge hands le sigh.. but bitch still ain’t call me up yet. I bet because he got him way too many numba or incoming calls to give me a buzz Sadness. I need to stop feeling sorry for this dude he is living the life. The life most dudes want, good for him.

 his swag I  love  it  tho,  he is indeed very fine man .

 his face I love it, But I am going stop feeling sorry for you tho sounds like I am quitting him no. Well I just need a reason. Him man whoring is not something I like to read. So yeah, plus he got fuck you money and flicks coming out and chicks/models throwing themselves at him and chewing his gum for 6 hours. he has got himself a circus and sex, So he will be just fine.  Life’s too short to be in love with someone that’s NOT with you so yeah moving on is maybe what I need to be doing but I’ll still watching his swag around tho. I can’t just disconnect from him so quickly he is pretty much rooted  in me, it will def take a while for me to cleanse him from me if that’s what I end up doing. Awww decisons, decisions.

So let’s recap the internet gossips shall we, The swede with swedish friends/posses, Women, crotch grabbing, laughing, drinking, gum chewing,  dinner date, model casting haha,  walk of shame (is that shame for men tho, should it be walk of proud Uhmm ponder further) All in all good weekend dude you go on with your bad sexy self.  What to do with all ths intel..



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