Alexander Skarsgård (Cara Mia) outside reprsenting himself and Battle$hip = Mula

So here is Alexander (cara mia)  outside smiling well it could be because his name is in huge block letters representing Battle$hip = Mula Today. Good for you boo boo. Good for you. (I am fanguriling inside and out)

  sexy motherfucker, I want him to want me then have the primal sex which will be passionate. Your name looks Great Huge Boo. I am gonna be a bitch they missed the little circle for his name god dammit. (I am not gonna lose my shit tho, I am not)

Like you don’t sleep right?! you just drink virgin blood or summin.LOL

 aww he’s trying to smile love it. I’ll take it because I love looking at it. Sexy motherfucker, you’re like basically naked under there tho aren’t you because that’s a t shirt boo, that trench is thin and it’s winter boo boo, so I know you’re cold. That scarf can’t be all that warm. You need you a woman boo boo to tell you a sweater and under shirt. Why wouldn’t you let me love you and cloth you then undress you. Let me, Let it be.

That lady in the back needs to know what the fuck’s  going on or she just wanted her face in the pic either ways she pic boom your pic.  You look cold boo boo, put on more clothes. that sounded so wrong but I don’t want you to get sick.

Just because I love his body and I’ve been getting down to tis lately since last week partying I love Sean Paul too so there you go and oh I would love to twist my body on his


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