It’s Sunday and I am here to just say: For fuck sake Whitney man, for Fuck sake. SADNESS!!

Fluids stop pouring out of my eyeballs and fucking with my vision. Tis title is  all I got right now, because  I know her shit was messed up, but I kept hoping she would SORT  it out and get BETTER. FOR FUCK SAKE WHITNEY. Before I understood what LEGENDS were there was Whitney before LEGENDS were made in music WHITNEY was being created.  ONE ONE HAS THAT VOICE HER VOICE WAS A GIFT.  I Still don’t get how almost 99.9% of celebs are on something(I get it tho it’s the cover up the bandage relief but any addiction in any form it is just covering for a little while, facing it face forward, confront it,  is how you deal and recover because continuing will almost always kill you in the end. That’s why you need good friends and family to say No more, no fucking more) and stop getting high on life or living life. People ask me all the time who do you admire well there are aot of people in this world that has done great things that inspires admiration. But It has got to be my mom man she wins all the time. My moms worked and she had kids and she never NOT did what she had to do to make sure we were alright, my mom NEVER DRANK, Got Drunk or addicted to anything. My mom just a couple years started taking vacations. She has no fucking idea what that shit was about before. She doesn’t smokes NOTHING she was boring like that. She work took care of her kids. We had good food, listen to some good jams (Whitney) That was pretty much how she rolled.  She is my go to place ALWAYS no matter what time of the night ALWAYS. The reason why I bring tis up is because Whitney did tis song. The Greatest love and I happen to sing tis song in school when I was little  and my mom said I beam and I did well It was my first solo. (don’t ask the details, my shit right now is so confizzled it’s confusing) then there was another one for the graduation for pre-school I believe jesus lawd I have flash back amnesia.  I am zoning out. Fluids stop pouring out of my eyeballs

Before people started shipping things/people on Tumblr my mom was shipping these two hard and I was behind her request too. But look at that within a few years of MJ passing a way and they both had troubled lives/ addiction and they both left children behind SADNESS. I got shit to say about Bobby B he’s left behind and he gonna have to live with that shit, he has to deal with dem demons and his daughter  but what’s a friend or lover or partner  who watches you  get high from drugs, crack or cocaine or drinking themselves to death and say it’s just recreational use.  It’s become far too common place in modern day society these days the sniff, the needle, the drunk the ODing excuse my boring,  that kids, adult get high/ addicted  on something and most of the time it’s not life. Whitney Housten dies at 48 a great deal of it was spent on well..  it could have been much sooner.

I tried to be the number one fan stan but between her denials and delusion of her conditon I just couldn’t. I can’t watch people self destruct it infuriates me. But I always check on her from time to time hoping she is or have sorted it out. But  most times I end up saying for Fuck sakes Whitney.

Here’s the song I sang when I was lil…

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows 
If I fail, if I succeed 
At least I live as I believe 
No matter what they take from me 
They can’t take away my dignity 
Because the greatest love of all 
Is happening to me 
I found the greatest love of all 
Inside of me 
The greatest love of all 
Is easy to achieve 
Learning to love yourself 
It is the greatest love of all 

So that song I had to sing it, we were told  to teach the kids (me and my fellow classmates about yourself and dignity and not letting anyone take it away from you and all that) of of course the greatest love is to love yourself everything esle that comes is a bonus a PLUS to life. You be surprise how many people don’t tho, hence no dignity give it or taken away. (jesus the shit is fucking making me sad, but) Whitney obivious gave her away to drugs. For fuck Sake Whitney I wanted you to sort it out.

Okay, so I am really Sad and angry and fucking sad again and angry some more about tis. But let’s not get common place her voice is Legend and I wouldn’t shit on that even tho I am kinda mad she went out like this but God I love her voice and yes I will be watching the Bodyguard over and over again and the soundtrack will be playing in he background too.

Speaking of Bodyguard I will always love you, I wish she sang tis to Bobby and went on to sorting it out and got better but as we all now know that never happened but tis song gets more played by talent shows, karoke etc etc, everybody tired to Whitney tis but tis was Whitney’s song even tho Dolly song it first she REMAKE it so much better.

and because this is a Alexander Luster blog and my state right now is SO EMOTIONAL tis song tho it’s kung fuing at my heart…

I sincerely wish her family and friends strength in this time of grief no matter what happened in her life she was  MOTHER  (BOBBY K)  AND DAUGHTER (CISSY H) AND WE SHOULD FEEL SAD THAT SHE  IS NO MORE. FLUIDS STOP POURING OUT MY EYEBALLS. Oh yeah they say death comes in 3s  Etta, Whitney …who is next??

THE GRAMMY’S BETTER fill it with Whitney Tonight.

I going to need some cheer up right about now. I gonna need something to make me smile cause my smile is turned upside down and my heart is heavy and weeping I am gonna need a lot of cuddle right now. It’s snowing like a mother right now and I am gonna walk in and go visit some friends and be sad while listening to Whitney my fluids will turn to ice but my sadness wouldn’t care. It’s a Sad Sunday


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