So he is in NY now (fuck you money people that’s where it’s at) and there are pics and all is right with the world right?! FUCK NO!!

So yeah  I should be happy right because not only the fact that I now know  where my boo boo ( I started week wondering wheres he is) is there are pics and he is looking fine and the world should be calm and tranquil and happy bubbles should be popping out my ears but naw my ass is NOT happy you know why (looks around room) his ass his NOT here and he didn’t detour to my place. FUCKING SADNESS

He hates me, yeah I am taking shit personally now and a slap in the face. He wouldn’t come to me and let me ravish him. I am so confizzled  (but I am serious tho) I guess I should be grateful and all that he’s alive and fine as hell and look well but well he is not keeping me warm and that’s a sad ass fact.

Even tho he didn’t turn up like tis  and  end up doing tis Have I said recently that I LOVE HIM, cause you know I do. I loves him and I am not talking that vacant shallow I love you that gets throw away because you know it’s trendy right now but this man the love I am with him.

I see you rocking new kicks boo boo,  I approve I love the all toegetherness of this ensemble but you know I can’t be rocking tis. Cause I don’t know if I mention this but it’s cold over here and I hate being cold makes me grumpy. So I have been rocking the Russian Eskimo look, yeah my ass is padded, okay my jacket is thick and I am rocking alot of thick sweaters and boots I haven’t worn a sneaks, kicks, flats etc since maybe early October. God where is the Spring already.

Those jeans tho, they are my fave and with every fibre in me wants to rip them off of him, just because it’s begging me to be ripped off. Basically every piece of fabric he wears encorages the hulk in me to rip his clothes off then tis should be happening before, afterwards, during… like Lennon sings LET IT BE. Alexander LET IT FUCKING BE.


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