Let’s talk about your face right here because you know I love to look at it

Yeah, your face I love it, it brings me joy and pleasure depending on his facial expression but it does things to me but right here your face looks a little distraught. I got to ask what’s up with you boo boo, I am sensing some sadness. I know I am holding on to some grief well see last post but what you got to be distraught about?! I’ve read alot of ladies want to have your babies, your number, your hand in marriage and be the number one source of your affections. So you have your choosing of whatever flavour ice cream you want. RIGHT?! So what’s going on with you? Why the long face? Dystra motherfucker sometimes I swear you love being miserable then I remember you are a shy guy and even if there is something that you wanted  you would probably cock block your own god damn self from getting it. Not like now you have to muster shit, I am pretty sure offers and suggestions are place on your table and you just have to choose but it does look like your struggling with summin want to talk about it let’s set up a meeting and then you can pay me in gra·tu·i·tous sexually exchange yeah.

Your eyes they speak to me, and they are looking kinda sad what ya missing boo, I know it’s ain’t the cold weather.

I am just going to copy paste tis sucker from the other day because ya know

Or and tis is my favorite, you’re sitting there thinking tis is no fucking good, tis shit wouldn’t fucking do no more. She needs to be here like all the time. For dinner, then sexing, for lunch then sexing, breakfast sexing, waking up sexing, sexing before and during shower sexing. Then in between TB breaks quickie sexing before we get home quickie in the car. (yeah I am down with that Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgard, make it real.)

So remember I started the week talking  about a love traingle that is now a circle and someone is going to get heart broken and love is in the air right in time for Valentine’s day. Well the story is still on this page so I am gonna fast forward to me being informed on the end result. (which I already knew but okay) So M choose K.  K already had chosen M and A is so sweet on M that he though he could swing the vote but the heart wants what the heart wants and most of the time it gets it.  A kissed M but it did nothing to sway her vote her heart already seal the deal with K even tho he lives far away and it will cause difficulties but Love doesn’t commpute distance it always try to make it work. I say try and see what happen if it doesn’t work at least you gave it a go and Long distance relish is great it’s fucking torture sure, I will give you that. The missing and longing, let me die whys you not here but when you meet up please the sexually tension and energy and what follows afterwards is amazeballs. (at least it was for me once upon a time) Eventually you or one  of you either move closer by or you break up.  If it’s  some strong passionate shit you move closer by, (I move closer by, it was easier for me to do that ) M would probably move closer by,  it is easier for her and she is up for it it seems. Good for her I ask her to send me invite to the wedding. ( we all have already chosen the name for her/their  future babies, lol but I am not kidding, so many people involved we have no lives apparently) She like OMG too early I am like yeah here is my address, email and we’re FB buddies. She falls hard but luckily for her he has fallen hard for her too, they are so cute together it’s diabetes sweet. A my buddy is heart broken, but he knew what was going on,(everybody was talking about it) but she made a decision it sucks always does he even wrote her a letter, my dude I feel for him I try to warn him to let it go and move on, but when you’re sweet on someone you don’t listen to anyone other than the one your sweet on. So she wrote him I am just not into you like that letter. Heart burn. I feel for him but he starts school again next week and there are alot of pretty girls there so he will be just fine. I told him to NOT wait so long to say something if like someone say it, because you know someone may be bidding for her attention and you just might lose out on what you really want. He had a chance, she liked him (apparently not enough) I saw the look from day one I said to him tell her ask her out she is single. Naw he waited and lost, sucks for him. Anyways M has new love for V day and tis week was her  Bday so she and K been on all kind  of social media gushing over each other, you know the  I miss you, When will I see etc etc all that new love stuff. So sweet.

Anyways How does tis relate to Alexander well as you know I am super sweet on him and he going to have to invite me over and be my new love or write me a letter that I am so not into you so I can move on with my life. Since I have decided that he is my guy tis year, he better invite me over or come over and see me some time.

Is there an happy ending to tis (whatever tis I have goings on with Alexander) I dunno, next week is V-day and I am single don’t feel sorry for me I have chosen tis path of lust, (apparently I have self loathing for myslef tis is new to me but I blame Alexander for it) last year I spent it with my mom, niece and my big sis and we went out to dinner had lots of cakes and chocolate then watch chick flicks then me and my sis went out. Then rest of the week I pick my niece up from school (She always want me to pick her up from school when I visit. I am like that’s not cool your Aunt picking you up from school. She like I don’t care so I did and I got all up in her social life because she has one now) found out there was a lil dude that sweet on her and I am ask him a about it and he got all shy and forget he was capable of the english language so I smile and walk away and said he was cute and my niece was like I know right. Please don’t ask me what’s going on these days. She has a girl posses now I don’t know what tis exactly mean, been too busy to get involved but her grades are very good so me and my sister are very happy she is young, let it be she is having fun, she is lazy as hell for her house chores. I know when she is acting the fool and so far she acting with sense and sensibility so.. LET IT BE.

STILL WAITING FOR TIS DUDE TO SHOW UP  now with some chocolate or chocolate syrup and fresh fruits and do tis  which will lead to tis  and so much more..


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