Let’s love just a few of my Fave Valentine sexy time musik. Yeah

Let’s start it off sweet and mellow shall we? Nat King Cole always does that nicely.

Just to start things up

Because no sexual or sensual contact can start without  the Voice orgasmo that is  Barry fucking White wat please, he helps Everybody out. You will thank me later

Because no sexy time can happen without tis in the back ground.

Then we take to Bolton please, just always know what to say er sing tis need to be on the list

and the almost last one which is my FAVE EVERA AL FUCKING GREEN OKAY, come on now tis song you really don’t need anybody. It’s great as a solo it’s fantastic as a duo it’s a very beautiful song I will paste the lyric cause you just need to know what is being said.  Everything about tis song is magic


“Simply Beautiful”

If I gave you my love,
I tell you what I’d do
I’d expect a whole lotta love outta you

You gotta be good to me
I’m gonna be good to you
There’s a whole lotta things you and I
Could do
Hey hey

Hey hey hey

Simply beautiful simply beautiful simply
Simply beautiful simply beautiful simply
Simply beautiful
Simply beautiful
Simply beautiful
Simply beautiful

What about the way you love me
And the way you squeeze me
Hey simply beautiful hey

And you get right down it
And the love is getting you through it

Simply beautiful [Repeat to end]

after all is well and everyone is calming to the sensual waves of excellent desire the girl in me would like to cuddle/snuggle/ curl into a ball with the him and listen to tis with of course more caressing.

And with that I bid you all a sexy weekend and sensual V-day.

and just because I am in this place right now.

and I am NOT crying okay, my fucking emotion ( I really loathe myslef, it has become very apparent)


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