See he could be anywhere (he has got fuck you money which also means he can detour at any minute and turn up at my place so I can ravish him I know I wouldn’t mind that, pretty sure he wouldn’t mind either, right?!) and apparently he is in OSLO oh the snow thickens…

So Mah Boo boo kitty  is in OSLO at least that’s what’s flooding around like anything in his fandom. I am a gonna need me pic proof  for many reason but of course to see your purdy face. You know I love to look at it. So Oslo huh that means you are around the continental European  area intriguing and interesting and yet much more intriguing again I am pretty sure Oslo is cold as a mother right now, hey if you’re looking for a human blanket come find me I am looking for one too. We could help each other out and keep warm.

But back to the point at hand what ya doing in Oslo boo boo?  Where will you turn up next,  I would  be much obliged if you come over and paid me a visit. Did  I  mention that it’s cold over here come and keep me warm.  They say ask and you should receive so I am asking come over and see me sometime, I mean now.

N NORWAY: Hollywood star Alexander Skarsgård is in these days in Oslo. This photo was taken in New York last year.Photo: Stella Pictures

Recently, Swedish Bill Skarsgård in Oslo in connection with the fact that he is current with the main role in the Norwegian blockbuster “Victoria”.

Tuesday visited his brother, Hollywood star Alexander Skarsgård Oslo.

“True Blood” star was observed by several at the Hotel Continental in the capital on Tuesday.

– I almost fainted when I saw him outside the hotel, a source told “Good evening, Norway”.

“Good evening Norway» Tuesday has been in contact with several of the largest film production companies in Norway, but none of them know, or want to comment Skarsgård’s visit to Oslo.

Will not comment

In 2010 it was announced that Alexander Skarsgard had a role in the Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland’s film “The Elephant”. Skarsgard plays a Norwegian oil workers who have close contact with an American who works at the oil rig.Together, they are central to efforts to gain control of a huge explosion on a drilling rig.

The film according to IMDB premiere in 2012.

– This is a story of Norway’s path to wealth and how it changed a whole society, the Moland said about the film, according to VG.

Whether Skarsgård’s visit to Oslo has something to do this film,  director Hans Petter Moland will not comment.

– For several reasons I will not comment on this, ‘he said curtly to “Good evening, Norway”.

Recently it was also known that Moland soon as the screen a new film with the working title “The Prize Idiot,” or “Power Idiot.”

This is produced by Paradox Film.

“Good evening, Norway” has been in contact with Paradox on the occasion of Skarsgård’s visit to the capital, but they did not want to neither confirm nor deny whether they know of this visit.

Star in Hollywood

Alexander Skarsgård is in the process of building up a solid career in Hollywood and is perhaps best known for his role in the vampire series “True Blood”.

Alexander is the son of well-known Stellan Skarsgard. He also has worked with the Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland, when he played in the movie “A very kind man.”

– It is funny in a humane manner. No matter how grotesque and repulsive characters are, I think that the audience cares about them. It heats the film in a way. It’s really cool that is, have Stellan Skarsgard said to “Good evening, Norway”.…orgesbesoek-3702849.html

Just because he rolls like a misterious fog and I am way too interested in his goings on random out of the blue question do you think he winks at you before or after sex you know because he is confident and all that a bag of potato chips with salsa sauce. Personally I don’t think so  it’s a douche move but I do seeing him being the kind of  that licks his lips and fingers when intrigued and interested and that a switch on move ad I can relate. But if I was to choose a would def choose the licking of anything be it from his body parts or of mine. Desire!!

I feel compelled to post tis so I am a gonna post it


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