Where’s mah baby boo, come out, come out boo boo kitty whereevs you are.

Do you know where ya boo is? Well I sure as hell don’t. I am gonna say LA but he has fuck you money so he could be anywhere, doing anyting with anyone which makes me kinda sorta sad cause I am not there just doing him so yeah where is Mah Boo boo.

Boo boo kitty where are you baby? Let me see your purdy face and delicious bod. You know if you gave me your numba and address I wouldn’t have to resort to SOS on the interweb on my blog for the entire world to know mah bizness but I stopped caring from the summer of 2011 so yeah come out and let me know what ya doing.

I have a active imagination so I could thing of some things. For eg

Are you swagging your way around town with tiny mid humans just to feel tall about yourself. (I have a feeling that’s how you roll)

Or, are you staring out a window wonder why I am not there resting my head on your chest and kissing your lips while my arms are wrapped around you. (Well hell I am wondering that too, make it happen boo)

Or, are you just having a brommace moment with one of your man friends, whom seem to like to be man handle by you just as much I know I would be, (come dude man handle me please, le sigh)

Or, are you signing your John hand cock, (cock, I love that word cock, cock, cock I feel better now) for random fan girls that have you cornered and that’s the only way of getting back your freedom. ( I am sure you have interesting stories to tell and you gonna have to tell me someday soon)

Or, are you buying groceries for that recipes that you saw on food network and you want to test it out. ( a man cooking is a serious turn ON for me, god you in a kitchen cooking oh god let it happen, let me see) PS I would love to go groceries shopping with you tho and you wouldn’t look so sad about it because you know what’s will be in the bag and you know what will be going down as soon as you open the door and put down the bags please, because majority of it will be desserts, whip creams, straw, rasp berries etc OMG please you and fresh fruits with a touch of sweet, let’s make tis real.

Or, are you too busy staring at yourself in the mirror 5 times motherfucker, 5 times. Make it ten and I will get a stool and stare er touch it for you. Your man nipples my hands need to run over them for a while, a bit,  forever.

Or, are you sitting in a corner while listening to Celine all by myslef wondering where I am and what I am doing  and why am I not there with you. (well boo boo it’s still all you alls I need is a invite and I am there)

Or maybe you are out getting extra dishware so we can have a meal together and eat in all the time. (for the hot meal yes extra disware is needed but desserts I’ll just need you to lay down and relax and I will use you as a plate Uhmmm sweet desire, I would return the favour it will be kinda messy but I am look forward to the cleaning up.) The thought of you doing everyday normal thing makes me weak and I want to do them with you.

Or are you having tender moments with man friends again this is a good hug BTW. You need to be making out with me O K seriously GOD DAMN!

You hanging out with tiny cute teacup humans offering them beer, I would give them apple juice less addictive. (We need to be procreating god damn just alot of sexing ALOT)

 Cute baby is cute

Or are you pumping gas without a belt in your pants again, I would let it drop. (side ass, always gets me excited, such a nice ass you have boo boo, I want to tease slap it)

Or and tis is my favorite, you’re sitting there thinking tis is no fucking good, tis shit wouldn’t fucking do no more. She needs to be here like all the time. For dinner, then sexing, for lunch then sexing, breakfast sexing, waking up sexing, sexing before and during shower sexing. Then in between TB breaks quickie sexing before we get home quickie in the car. (yeah I am down with that Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgard, make it real.)

Oh this is so cute, your going out with your mama and your lil bro,  well V..ter is not that lil is he? He’s  like wat 17 and he is almost as tall as you are damn, the genes. I saw him last year Lil Val sliding down the rail at Slussen Station because ya know he does do steps me either I roll upstairs. He has nice thick hair that he flashes around cause it bothers ya know. He’s adorable, looks like a sweet kind kid, he made sure to put in those earplugs in for the music I know the feeling,  mines were already in. Weird huh, I knew who he was he had no idea who I was. We even had eye contact for like 30 sec or something then I looked away. But he is a big kid whom I  assume was late for school, but i don’t know the school time schedule  for sweden so what do I know.


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