The rubbing and touching of flesh needs to be happening.

It’s been an exhausting, fun 2 + weeks interesting story develop along those weeks it has something to do with Alexander bare with me I will get there, when approach and ask what’s my Situation I’d say it’s complicated. Just to take myself off the market because  No one is holding my interest,  (peaked sure, but holding no, yes its seems that I must hate myslef, sometimes it feels that way) there is no one I want to invest in body or mentally wise (yet anyways) except tis motherfucker who refuse to give himself to me for the love of god. But in our group there were some other singles (I had a pose that happens alot around me) it turns out there was love in the air between a certain two so I did what any normal butt in would do I got involved and I totally try to set them up they are so cute together so I was the  third wheel many times with them and then left them by themself to get to know each other better.  They should rebound together and I knew for a fact  that they found  each “interesting.” Then it turned into a soap opera.

But anyways back to my melodrama Of course he is never too far from thought tis could be the reason why I don’t hear or feel the pick me up  lines from random dudes, some cute, some hot, some not. I have eyes I am not blind but there is just something missing. Something they lack or maybe I am just being picky. No that’s just not it. For me there needs to be a connection a spark, an intrigue I want to know more and so far the only person that got me going through that is Mi amor Senor Skarsgard god fucking damn. So when ask I just shrug and go I am just chilling feeling the cold breeze waiting for change,  (Alexander live wire this shit dude, c’mon already)

So  they asked me are you see anyone you like or want. I said of course and I’d say a name (not Alexander name I have a secret name I use for him to strangers that only me and my twisted pervy, kinky mind knows, and like always instant desire switch on) they say who. I say don’t worry your pretty little heads I know who.

Then I would change the attention on the what’s goings on, so let’s say A, M  K started getting interesting,  A & K Likes M but M likes K to the point where M when all the way with K after a few getting to know each other. (this is some high school shit right, but sometimes it can be so fucking entertaining and interesting) I have told many of my dude friends that a girl knows within the first 5 minutes if you are going to get any,  trust. Tis is facts, so if you have to try too hard to get  it, it wouldn’t happen, maybe if she pities you. So anyways M just got of a ralish with a douchebag really a douche that was still cock blocking change and messing with her head and of course she was in luvs with him and I was like hell naw, moving on is what you need to do. If you heard her story you would encourage tis too. We were all encouraging tis. She is kinda mousey and annoying as hell then when you hear about her background you put 2 and 2 together and you want to give her a hug and adopt her. She is now on my lil sista list.

So anyways, she didn’t know how to more on, I just say make yourself available be aware of what’s out there (I SHOULD LISTEN TO MY OWN ADVICE NO, but my bod and being is in love with Alexander so that’s not going to happening so)

Anyways she followed my advice and became aware that she was now the object of two guys affection, (interesting right, it gets better) I already knew about one, but a sneaker came in and took the prize. One of the nights that I left A and M together they were clicking K swoop in and scored. BTW M was very much enoughing the attention she still is she is apparently sweet on K and K is sweet on M and A is sweet on M but it’s getting confusing. So I end up being the buffer the last couple of nights. He (A) even got hit on at a bar we went to after we all had dinner and he was so not interested the girl was cute and she wanted to get to know him, he would have probably gotten some dirty sanchez of his own. He is in need of it, if you ask me. He panic the bastard, he should have at least taken her numba but he is slow like that. Hence that’s why K swoop in on his ass. Sometimes you got to make things known if what you want will be swoop away from you when you really want it. But Tis was after the point M made it obvious to A that she and K did the dirty sanchez but he is still sweet and interested in her. I mean once one person in the group knows you got some, everybody knows you got some. So in between both of their  pee breaks I am like wat’s up with you two are you  on or off.  A is on, M is maybe, kinda, sorta playing the field. M has been honest to tis point A knows what’s up K lives far away from M, he is so sweet on her and he is really nice and a good guy so I got no objections. A lives closer by and A stay at M place after we partied so maybe some dirty sanchez happened. I am sure I will hear about before the end of the week. I am at tis point  fucking knee deep and involved, I buffered, I blocked,  try to steer in other direction to spare heartache, because there will be heartache and I know who is gonna get burned, but they kept me distracted from my own heart woes and they entertain so all and all Good times, awesome good  times.

So my point the bod wants what the bod wants, if their is someone that has your interest, they have your interest so unless they reject you or break your heart it’s hard for you to let go. (So Alexander either have to accept and ravish me repeatly (highly hoping for that)  or break my wee heart so I can get over him)

Since desire and lust is on the table tis is my fave scene because of the carressing and the touching. Isn’t touching great, the caress by your partner, gentle foreplay. It some beautiful tender shit. I need some beautiful tender shit.

 yes sir the touching and rubbing of skin is a wonderful way of starting anything good and pleasurable

 making out is a given and with him a must his lips I desire them so not many reason

 His hands, sweet lawd running all over jesus take the wheel it makes me weak just because he looks like he knows how to caress.

 Lawd knows I know how to caress and my hands just need to me slowing smoothing my way all over his creation.

 His ass please I can’t even, let’s just say fucking good way to start/ get to know it. Tack Sookie.

I know, this is just making it worst the want/desire for this man I wish there was something out there that he was a douche bag or manwhore so I can qit his ass there are some things that are instant shut down I am done with this fool that I have, but he keeps being nice and sweet and good looking Dammit! Can you be a douchebag or some sleazy dude so I can quit you. God makes me so frustrated that I am not with or having my sexy way with you.

Tis need to be happening okay. NEEDS TO see and this is why I can’t because all tis sexual frsution and desire needs to be demonstrated on Senor Skarsgard body and lips what, please 2 plus years of desire needs to be laid down on the source which is him it only fair the Universe demands it.


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