So Battleship right, it’s gonna be huge meaning it’s gonna make alot of MULA.

So Berg is plugging Battleship already and I got to say I am impressed, I already said I am gonna see it, Alex is in it, so it is a given but I just realized that it is going to be HUGE besides the fact that, Alex who has a fan base, Kitsch has a fan base and Rihanna got a fan base, then there are dudes that like these kinds of films that will bring their girls and then go see it again with their boys and so on and so on Battleship could be the sleeper blockbuster of the year.

I am gonna say and bet that it will makes ALOT Of mula. My sister is already going to see it for Liam and Alex of course she support the cause, she has a thing for him I don’t judge luster, my brothers will see it because yeah they’re dudes and they are into that kinds of stuff. But Jesus there is a Alexander Battleship poster and my vagina, dirty military skars, sweet jesus let it be real and on fucking big screen.

 I swear to wesus he was all kinds of good looking and delicious while filming this, so you know  I am already turned on

 Dear Peter Berg stop cock blocking the poster K Tack!

Yeah, Battleship will be huge, Tis is Kitsch best bet since he is the lead and what not and he is about to save the day and what not, John C is gonna suck trust I saw the trailer it wouldn’t fly. Battleship tho will get both him and Alex better blockbuster deal. I am pretty sure Alex will get Bockbuster leads after tis. Watch out for that if TB doesn’t fuck with the opportunity and what not.

Dear Alexander,

Stay away from Rihanna and her vagina, forget star search GF is on a dick search ( have you seen her goings on lately? I am sure you’ve seen it if I have, you have too, I just can’t care to comment any further) and you’re now single so I watch  out for that, because trust it is coming. She looks so lost and in need of some real care these poor young girls pimp to the  world and turned into sex vixen way too early. (please they are walking, talking soft porn vid)  Her shit is fucked up and look out for a break down soon if it has not already happened or is happening. I love how she is trying to look so fucking hard while  you know she is crying in her wheaties in the morning and confizzled about her life. Am I sounding mean, sure but she has a mama why the fuck is she not all up in her face. Because when I see Rihanna  now she looks like a international  escort ( I wonder if she has Prime Misters and President on the side as extra tip, Why is hoeing out yourself the new trend now for women and girls of all ages in HW, I am sure you know hoes and hookers don’t do tis shit for the health benefits and pleasant company. DAMN!!) NOT a singer (use loosely that word, there are alot of people with mics but that don’t make you a singer just like there are alot of people with knives but that doesn’t make you a chef) So sad that most of these little girl are self destructing before they are even 25 makes you wonder right not all that glitter is NOT gold and money sure as hell don’t make you fucking HAPPY.

While Taylor is  a cutie he falls off my radar just as soon as the credits ends either ways he and Alexander seem to have good chemistry and they are two both hot men so I am sure the female viewers would NOT be complaining.

Alls in all looking forward to Battleship. Yayyyyyyyyy!!

PPS Berg needs to let these two do the press it will be enjoyable to watch and they will garner more female / audience trust that I am a tad surprise that they are not using Rihanna since it seems she ain’t got shit to do other that looking messed up these. (see there is summin in summin, don’t always believe the hype cause there is always a paid people blowing smoke up your ass ) If I was Berg and the studio It would ship these two in interviews please. It looks like Alexander would be doing press I mean the poster says it all no, please those studio don’t put mula it shit that don’t make mula from. Tip of the day so he is in the market pitch I hope he can if TB don’t fuck it up. I hope to god he has the best fucking story line tis season cause that only is the saving grace for that show.


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