Did you miss me? I am back, and well I miss your face

Well did ya, miss me?? Spend the last 2 + weeks working and freezing my ass off, come back to see Sup and there is your lovely face, UGH miss it so much and I love that I came back to tis.  Your face and your eyes LAWD, your eyes you need to not be staring at me like that unless you plan to catch me K take the wheel people and steer, your lips are so rosy and needs my lips okay what. Always wanting the mouth to mouth.

Beside the fact that tis pic will be somewhere constantly reminding me that your face needs to be in my face like all the time and shit, I am trying to block the dude with the manstache it kinda bugging me out. But anyways Tack Dude with the manstache for the photo it’s is now my favourite but I swear to weezus sometimes his pics bring back or switch on my old school juke box. Penny for your thoughts, nickel for your kiss, a dime if you …

there is something about this pics here and his eyes can’t place it but they are mesmerizing, god love them. There needs to be some confronting of sorts. He gonna have to ravish me repeatly like he can’t/ get enough (which I def going for) Or reject my ass coldly because tis shit needs sorting of the dire kind.

Cause I still can’t quit tis dude, Wat is it about you that makes me just can’t move further (It’s not like I can’t get it sorted, but god know the only man I want to exchange sexually intensity with is YOU man. All tis sexually intensity is meant for you man, in all fairness you the cause of it so it only fair that I get all back to you. )

Those woo woo woo boy, can’t oldies without woo woo wooing..

I am hoping when I am in LA (Yes I be in L 2 the A tis April) the beginning of April  I will not only run into him but passionately add seductive pressure to his lips while rubbing my hand through his hair wildly while repeating you know you love, want this and your clothes wouldn’t probably survive tis luster, this passion this heat that I above to place upon you. Just be exhausted and …UGH

Yeah I hoping very much to run into him but  where tho, since he switch his shit up and I don’t know where he hangs out any more, but I am gonna let the force that be place his ass where ever I turn up or the other way around  so I can walk up to him and say hey memba me?! Well I memba you and we should make out it will be fun, I promise be the best decision I will force you to to make. I wouldn’t drive around LA aimlessly looking for him, do  you know how fucking huge it is there and how aimless and I don’t drive around man I mean  he cold be anywhere.

But I am hoping the forces that keeps putting him in my view is still on my side and the universe still very much wants me to have passionate primal sex repeatly sex with him will make it happen I believe in magic. yeah.


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